Risk and causes of obesity in children

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In the present era, increasing obesity in children remains a matter of concern. The grossness in children is a product of modernity. The best way to overcome this concern is to pay attention to children's weight from childhood. The best way to control obesity in children is to prevent them from adopting the wrong lifestyle and give them the right guidance.

How many children are obese in America?

Obesity prevalence among children and adolescents is still too high. For children and adolescents aged 2-19 years in 2017-2018: The prevalence of obesity was 19.3% and affected about 14.4 million children and adolescents.

The risk from obesity in children

  1. A study conducted on the subject at the University of Toronto has shown that high levels of saturated fats in children during childhood and adolescence can interfere with the metabolism of glucose. Due to this, the brain does not get enough glucose. Due to which there are adverse consequences on the digestive system, which sometimes remains permanently affected.
  2. Children who are overweight have an increased risk of heart disease.
  3. Overweight and obese children have a higher risk of orthopedic complications than normal-weight children.
  4. Overweight children may face hips, musculoskeletal discomfort, and difficulty in walking.
  5. Children with obesity are more prone to asthma than normal children.

What causes obesity in children?

Following are the possible causes of obesity in childhood –

Consumption of fast food (junk food):

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In the last decade, it has been seen numerically that the proportion of obesity among children has increased.

Children's health specialists agree that the main reason for this is excessive heat in the body. Wrong eating habits such as excessive consumption of fast food, snacks, and junk food increases obesity in children. These foods are high in fat content, which makes them take longer to digest.

Cold drinks are also harmful:

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Along with this, the use of cold drinks is more nowadays. These cold drinks contain only sugar and carbonated water, which go into the stomach and produce gas. All types of cold drinks have non-nutritious empty heat points.

lack of exercise:

Exercise is essential to burn extra calories. Lack of physical exercise in children is also the main reason for increasing obesity. Not only this but taking a fat-rich diet is more evidence also increases obesity. Researchers believe that our brain works with the help of glucose. If there is no supply of glucose in the brain, then our memory and concentration decrease.

bottle milk:

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It has also been proved from the revision that those babies who are bottle-fed are more prone to obesity. Whereas babies who are breastfed are less prone to obesity. In comparison, children who are fed only mother's milk from birth till 6 months of age do not become obese till 5-6 years of their age. They have a 35% lower risk of obesity.

Tips to prevent obesity in children

Let us now know about the ways in which children become healthy and slim. Some important tips to keep kids slim –

Aim for weight loss:

Aim to lose as much as half a kilo in a week, ie, reduce the temperature in babies to less than 200-250, which is not too much. Give them nutritious food.

Stay away from junk food:

Reduce the consumption of sweets, cakes, biscuits, wafers, snacks, pastries, cold drinks, etc. Instead, give healthy food to children like fruits, milkshakes, dry fruits, etc.

Include sports and exercise in the routine:

Encourage children to do outdoor sports, cycling, walking to school, football, tennis, skating, swimming, music-dancing, etc. These sports will give them exercise and will help in burning excess heat from the body. This will reduce their weight quickly and in a healthy way.

Fibrous fruits and vegetables are also beneficial:

Fibrous food can satisfy the hunger of children. Such as wheat bread or pasta, pulses, dried fruits, fresh fruits, and vegetables, etc. By eating this type of fiber, the fat of the body of children can burn quickly.

Note – Children under the age of five should not be given such fibrous food in large quantities because their digestion power is not strong. Fibrous food can hinder the absorption of iron and calcium, so it is best to give small amounts of such foods to young children.

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