How does mental stress affect physical and mental health?

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According to the survey of medical experts, today one in 15 people suffer from mental stress. In the modern environment with physical facilities, the number of patients with mental stress increases rapidly.

Mental stress can happen under any circumstances. Some men and women suffer from mental stress due to being more sensitive. Even small things make them suffer from mental stress. The problem of not getting a bus from home to office, overcrowding in the bus, or traffic jam at an intersection can also make a man and woman suffer from mental stress. Most people are surrounded by mental stress when the exam is approaching.

Many men and women suffer from asthma, allergies, headaches, arthritis, colds, backaches, impotence, high blood pressure, ulcers, and various diseases of the intestines, so they do not know the cause of the origin of the diseases. After various tests, medical experts are not able to know that the cause of the origin of these diseases is mental stress. Diseases that cannot be cured by various drugs and injections are destroyed in the blink of an eye by eliminating mental stress.

Illnesses arising due to mental stress

1. Insomnia:
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Excess mental stress can also make a person a patient of insomnia. Such patients get so distracted from sleep that they start using tranquilizers. Sleep runs away from them, due to which they start taking sleeping pills or become addicted to any kind of intoxication. In other words, they even commit suicide.

2. Asthma:
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Asthma can be caused by mental stress, but the patient does not know the reason for the origin of asthma. Due to prolonged exposure to stress, the body's immunity weakens and the white cells in the blood begin to be destroyed at a very rapid rate. Due to which man becomes a victim of many diseases.

3. Headache:
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A patient suffering from mental stress is often surrounded by problems like headaches. Due to excessive worry, a knot is formed in the muscles of the brain. Due to this, there is a complaint of headache. In such a situation, sometimes due to lack of attention to the conditions of the limbs, due to sudden stretching of muscles, narrowing of blood vessels, there is also a blockage in blood circulation, which leads to the pathology of headache.

4. Migraine:
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It is natural for a person suffering from mental stress to be more angry, irritable, angry. When the patient is unable to get rid of his stress, he starts having headaches. Due to this tension, highly educated and intellectuals become victims of migraines.

5. Hypertension:
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Due to mental stress, the pathology of hypertension can also occur. Stress causes harmful effects on various glands of the body. Due to an imbalance in the secretion produced by the glands, many pathologies start arising in the body. Due to excessive secretion of adrenaline due to stress, the heart rate increases in an abnormal way. Excess secretion leads to constriction of blood vessels. The result is the pathology of hypertension. People suffering from high blood pressure cannot be cured by any medicine without destroying their mental stress.

6. Constipation:
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Mental stress disorder can also cause constipation in some people. A stressed person is unable to produce digestive juices suitable for food. Due to the dryness and hardness of the stool from the intestines, the expulsion of the stool is not possible. The deformity of constipation gives rise to painful diseases like colic, gas, bloating, acidity, piles.

7. Back pain:
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According to medical experts, mental diseases have a big contribution to back pain. At the time of mental stress, there is stiffness and strain in the muscles of the back and if this stretch continues for a very long time, then the problem of back pain starts. Back pain suffers a lot due to mental stress. Sitting in a chair for a long time, doing office work, driving a car, bending over, lifting weights, etc. becomes very painful. Due to the tension in the back muscles, there is no control over the brain, so it does not take long to become a victim of an accident.

8. Hair fall:
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Due to mental stress, the hair of the head starts falling rapidly. In other words, stress causes baldness very quickly. According to medical experts, there is a lot of support for mental stress in dandruff also. People suffering from stress have an excess of dandruff. Due to excessive heat in the head, itching and burning start and due to irritation, the hair roots on that part of the scalp become weak and the hair starts falling rapidly.

9. Ulcers:

Ulcers in the intestines can also be due to mental stress. According to medical experts, the consumption of sour, hot, chili-spices in food increases the amount of acidity in the stomach. Acidity can cause burning and soreness in the stomach. By the way, to avoid stomach acid irritation in its natural form, mucus forms a layer of sticky, thick, liquid chemical which acts as a protective shield. This mucus gets reduced due to mental stress. In such a situation, if the number of acids increases, then the chances of injury to the skin of the intestines increase.

10. Exhaustion:
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Due to mental stress, men and women feel more tired. There is no desire to work in such conditions. Stress causes opposite changes in hormones. Food cravings, emotional impulses, natural lust destroy the desire because the desire to work originates from the brain. In excess of stress, the level of adrenaline increases and the level of testosterone decreases, and the desire to work decreases.

The occurrence of mental disorders is also a symptom of mental stress. In such a situation, the heartbeat increases rapidly, there is sweating and sometimes fainting symptoms also appear. If left in this condition for a long time, serious mental disorders can arise. In some people, the problem of fear (phobia) starts arising. Fear causes many symptoms such as shortness of breath, tremors in the extremities, a sudden increase in heartbeat.

There are many types of phobias such as the fear of going to crowded places, many people are also afraid of traveling in buses and trains. They have a fear of going to an open place or a closed place such as an elevator.

How to avoid mental stress?
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If mental stress is not eliminated, then life can become very painful due to many mental and physical diseases. According to medical experts, the faster mental stress afflicts someone, the sooner it can be destroyed. For that, you need to make some changes to your diet.

Mental stress can be avoided and overcome by adopting these measures:

  • In the event of mental stress, if some time is given for entertainment, then the tension will end. You can go out on a picnic with your friends, colleagues, family members.
  • Talking to friends and family members, keeping yourself busy in some interesting subject will not put stress on you.
  • Visit your friends or invite them to your home, invite friends who are really your well-wishers.
  • Spend more time with friends who have a positive attitude. You can also eliminate your stress by making the burdensome environment pleasant by talking to them.
  • Play with children, try to spend time with children as much as possible. Play like kids with kids. Sweet words of children are more effective than any medicine.
  • The pain of mental stress is mostly high in free time. So keep yourself busy as much as possible. Become a member of a library because there is no other companion like a book.
  • Similarly, in your free time, you can do some interesting work, such as gardening, painting, writing, etc. Exercise, go swimming in the river or swimming pool. Any type of stress is relieved by exercise.
  • Apart from all this, excursion proves to be the most effective way to remove mental stress. Get up before sunrise, go for a long walk. Go to a park and take a walk on the green grass but first decide whether you really want to come out of stress? If yes, then by taking these measures your stress will disappear. Morning excursion amazingly destroys mental stress.

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