7 Easy Tips To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Ume Humaira

Do you need to lose weight without dieting? We all do at some point in our lives.

The most common problem among overweight people nowadays is that they don't know how to lose weight without dieting. When you try to lose weight with dieting, the feeling is like being on an endless restriction where all you can eat are plain and tasteless foods. Imagine your feelings when you know that you have to change from eating all those delicious foods to plain and tasteless ones because of the weight loss program you chose to follow. It's a struggle!


The following 7 ways are essential strategies to lose weight without dieting. Try them out for yourself and feel the difference.

1. Let yourself eat junk food every once in a while.

It's extremely difficult to stop eating all those tasty foods that are bad for your health especially if you are prone to emotional eating. If you really want something, let it happen but don't feel guilty about it afterward. Treat yourself occasionally by allowing yourself to eat everything you want.

2. Drink enough water before every meal

If you drink a glass of ice-cold water for about five minutes prior to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it will help you eat less than the usual portion size because the stomach needs time to reach its optimum temperature where food is digested easily without excess calories. Also, drinking water plays a major role in flushing out toxins from the body, thus boosting your metabolism.

3. Eat breakfast every day

Don't skip your breakfast! If you want to lose weight without dieting, avoid skipping meals especially breakfast because it increases cravings for junk foods later on in the day. A good way of starting your day is by eating a healthy breakfast.

4. Lose weight while eating more food

A lot of people get stuck at a certain weight because they don't allow themselves to eat anything in fear that it would gain back the weight they lost if they do so. This is not true. If you want to lose weight without dieting, make sure you eat enough amount of food. The trick behind this is to find out how many calories you should be having a day and stick to it.

5. Chew slowly

Eating slowly gives your brain time to know that you are already full, thus preventing you from overeating – an important reason why people gain back the weight they lose fast. If you want to lose weight without dieting, the best motto is "stop eating before you get too full."

6. Combine foods properly

Combining food properly helps you to burn more calories than usual because certain foods take a longer time to digest and leave your body with very few calories (which is good for losing weight), while other foods are hard to digest and leave the body with a lot of calories to burn (which is also good for losing weight).

7. Avoid food combinations that are difficult to digest.

Some foods combine well together while some don't. Foods that are not easily combined increase undigested calorie intake which in turn may lead to weight gain, bloating, gas, cramping, and pain. Some examples of food combinations that are hard to digest are meat and potatoes, oranges and milk, broccoli with cheese sauce, etc.

Editor Feedback:

Start applying these 7 tips to lose weight without dieting and you will definitely feel the difference. Dealing with weight loss is not easy but these simple tips will help you to achieve your goal without feeling too deprived and always hungry.

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