State Republicans Seek Impeachment of New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham

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State Republicans in New Mexico are actively pursuing the impeachment of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, marking a historic moment in the state's political history.

State Representative John Block, one of the leaders of the impeachment effort, has initiated a formal process by sending out forms to all members of the New Mexico Legislature, urging them to consider an extraordinary session to address the matter.

Block emphasized the significance of the situation, stating, "People need to realize this is the first time in New Mexico history that a governor could be impeached." The impeachment proceedings stem from Governor Lujan Grisham's recent actions, including her controversial order banning guns in public places.

Block expressed concerns about the potential erosion of citizens' rights, saying, "Saying that no right is absolute makes everyone susceptible to the government coming in, taking away our rights."

The controversy surrounding the governor's actions has also reached the national stage, with a house committee in Washington passing a resolution to condemn her actions.

However, a full-house vote on the resolution is currently stalled. Democratic Representative Gabe Vasquez acknowledged the importance of addressing gun violence but expressed his willingness to condemn the governor's actions if the resolution advances.

He believes that the governor has ignited a much-needed conversation on the issue and hopes it will inspire legislative action at the state level.

In response to the impeachment efforts, the governor's press secretary released a statement expressing disappointment with the Republican pursuit of impeachment.

The statement read, "It is unsurprising, but disappointing, that Republicans in the state are choosing to use this time to orchestrate a political stunt instead of coming up with solutions to protect all New Mexicans."

It is important to note that an impeachment debate will not occur until the next legislative session unless three-fifths of lawmakers from each chamber agree to convene an extraordinary session sooner.

While the House Democrats have made it clear that they do not support the impeachment push, State Representative Block remains committed to the cause.

He stated, "Whether it's now, whether it's in January, whether it's in February, whether it's next year, we're going to continue to fight for this because the people don't want their rights to be trampled on."

With less than 120 days remaining until the next legislative session, the political landscape in New Mexico remains tense as lawmakers grapple with the prospect of impeaching their governor over issues related to gun control and individual rights.

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