Globalists Move to Form All-Powerful “Pandemic Authority” Under UN Control


The president of the UN General Assembly has approved a declaration to establish a global pandemic authority governed by the World Health Organization. This unchecked agency would wield an alarming array of powers, including enforcing lockdowns, mandating vaccines, and censoring health information worldwide.
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Over the objections of 11 nations, UNGA President Dennis Francis rubber-stamped the declaration without allowing a full vote. Critics warn this denies proper scrutiny of a radical expansion of WHO powers under the guise of streamlining future pandemic responses.


The approved pandemic declaration outlines numerous disturbing authorities for the proposed agency:

  • Global surveillance via digital health IDs and vaccine passports
  • Mandating universal vaccines and "combating hesitancy"
  • Censoring critics and "disinformation" on social media
  • Enacting WHO-ordered lockdowns and restrictions

Per the declaration, such sweeping powers would be permanent additions from the COVID-19 era. Rather than temporary emergency measures, ongoing pandemic response would be strengthened and normalized.


Granting the WHO unchecked new powers without weighing member state objections is generating deep concern. The UNGA president's unilateral approval circumvented full debate and consensus, critics argue.

The declaration broadly lacks safeguards and accountability normally required to check expansive new UN powers. Without proper checks, the proposed pandemic authority could grow abusive and override national sovereignty.

Scholar Francis Boyle warned the declaration would "back up and support [the WHO's] proposed globalist totalitarian medical and scientific police state." Its ill-defined restrictions pose open-ended threats to rights and freedoms.


Poorer nations also face heightened jeopardy from the UNGA president's controversial fast-tracking of new pandemic powers. Experts argue the declaration's downsides disproportionately affect developing countries.

For example, lockdowns and restrictions would hit poorer economies hardest. And populations lacking health access would suffer most under compulsory vaccine drives and digital ID schemes.

But dissenting voices like the 11 objecting nations were silenced by ramming through the declaration unilaterally. Critics argue all member states deserve a seat at the table for decisions of such monumental global impact.

The True Pandemic Tragedy: How Draconian Responses Threaten Our Humanity

While a powerful new pandemic authority promises to improve global health, in reality it threatens the very soul of our humanity. The darkest chapter of the COVID-19 pandemic was not a virus, but the inhumane policies it unleashed. With the WHO seizing terrifying new powers, we risk repeating this man-made catastrophe worldwide.

Lockdowns, restrictions, censorship and forced vaccination elicited compliance from a docile populace. But breaching the social contract between governments and citizens dealt a grievous blow to liberal democracy. Sweeping powers require commensurate justification; yet evidence shows lockdowns caused enormous harm for marginal benefit.

Studies find the costs of lockdowns in lives and livelihoods far exceeded their upside. Job losses, poverty, mental illness, missed healthcare, addiction, domestic violence and childhood development deficits mushroomed. The cure was often worse than the disease.

Despite thin data supporting their efficacy, restrictions became a sledgehammer for every COVID nail. Rather than precision protection of the vulnerable, lockdown zealots took a catch-all approach. But even pandemics don't justify the sacrifice of core civil liberties.

Censoring critics and dissenting views also violated liberal Enlightenment values. Scientific progress depends on free and open inquiry by brave contrarians. Yet valid questions on pandemic policies were met with slander and censorship. Big Tech suppressed views deemed "misinformation" at the behest of governments.

But heavy-handed uniformity cannot respond nimbly to novel threats. By stifling challenges and nuance, we undermine the knowledge diversity vital for rapidly adapting to complex crises.

Vaccine mandates likewise breached medical ethics and bodily autonomy. Medicine must balance individual and collective well-being. But coercive universal vaccination tipped drastically toward utilitarianism over rights.

And for all the vitriol aimed at the unvaccinated, the shots offered modest protection. With transmission unchecked, mandates became punitive rather than pragmatic. Citizens deserved transparency on limitations and risks from fast-tracked jabs.

But acknowledging uncertainties was branded "anti-vaxxer" heresy. In truth, force never leads to health. People treated as adversaries resist. Trust and cooperation arise through understanding, not coercion.

In retrospect, each draconian pandemic response held grave consequences that officials dismissed or downplayed. But the road to authoritarianism is paved with ostensibly good intentions. Blind technocratic "nobility" must not override humanity.

We stood at moral crossroads these past few years. On one path lay increasing totalitarianism under banner of security. The other pushed back against the fear-driven corrosion of rights.

Some leaders chose to exploit crisis for control and consolidation of power. But top-down domination breeds neither freedom nor safety. Forced compliance spawned understandable resentment and resistance.

We desperately need wise leadership that draws out the better angels of our nature. Heavy-handed restrictions should be the absolute last resort, not the first impulse. Policies must align with the latest data, not politics and inertia.

The eyes of future generations are upon us. Will children study the pandemic as a shining moment of courage, trust and care for outcasts? Or a dark time exploiting mass panic to strip away liberty?

If leaders double down on authoritarianism, they violate the social contract. But embedded in every crisis are opportunities for moral renewal. With compassion and integrity, we can yet author a pandemic legacy that upholds our humanity.

Those sounding pandemic alarm bells loudest often silenced dissent while shielding their own hypocrisy. But ceding liberties to this irredeemably tainted authority promises more injustice. We must reclaim moral foundations eroded by naked fear and power.

There are no easy prescriptions in public health; all options carry costs, risks and tradeoffs. But open debate and decentralization foster agile, tailored responses. And in troubled times, safeguarding freedom and dignity remains paramount.

Our future demands renewed faith in people and open societies. Rule by faceless technocrats abolishes neither disease nor evil. But virtue cultivated within each heart just might. We have a choice: totalitarian "safety" or freedom's perilous path. I know the road this generation must take.

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