How to Prevent Climate Change ?




The majority of climate change specialists and institutions argue that if comprehensive measures to manage the problem are not made, the situation would spiral out of control in a few years. Around the globe, news of increasing catastrophes is being reported. As a result, the moment has arrived to take measures to rescue them right now.

How Can Climate Change Be Prevented and Reversed?

  • There are certain actions that can be done right now.
  • Forests must be preserved.

First and foremost, it is critical to protect the woods. The globe destroys tropical forests at a rate of 5.5 million hectares every 50 minutes, according to estimates. They are destroyed by burning in many locations, and as a result, 20 percent of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. These woods are being chopped down for timber, industry, and agriculture.

Forest protection has long been a critical responsibility. Forests have always been helpful in terms of soil and water conservation, minimizing flood and drought crises, and ensuring the livelihood of tribals and villages. Forests' capacity to absorb carbon dioxide has grown more essential in the face of climate change.

It is critical that a significant portion of the financial resources available to combat climate change be passed on to the communities that have been preserving forests and can do so much better in the future if they are supported. Along with this, essential activities such as tree planting and upkeep should continue.

Renewable Energy Advancement

Along with forest protection, the development of renewable energy sources is also critical. Solar energy, wind power, and other renewable energy sources have hitherto only existed on the periphery of the energy industry. After their significance in addressing the climate change issue became apparent, efforts were undertaken to increase the importance of renewable energy sources in the energy industry.

Energy conservation

Greenpeace and other environmental organizations have discovered that decentralized renewable energy development would better fulfill the energy requirements of areas presently experiencing a power outage. More emphasis on energy conservation will be required. With the amount of money available to combat climate change across the globe, the poor and emerging nations should be able to invest heavily in renewable energy development.

Organic Farming Adaptation

It will also assist to reduce the climate change problem if organic farming is promoted in agriculture and needless automation is avoided. Instead of focusing on luxury items, greater attention should be given to the products of all people throughout industrialization. The greatest emphasis in the whole economy should be given to fulfilling the fundamental needs of all people, and innovations that decrease greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants should be promoted.

Business and Trade Changes

It's also critical to alter corporate and trade practices that damage the environment or indirectly increase temperatures. The issue of climate change should not be limited to the International Congress; it should continue to make an effort to reach out to the general public in their own language, particularly in the event of catastrophic disasters, how should people prepare to face them, and how should the government assist them in doing so. More attention should be paid to it.


The issue of how to prepare for large-scale and devastating catastrophes emerges. If we make these issues a high priority and the government and administration are willing to adjust to this goal, the negative impacts of climate change may not be entirely eliminated, but they may be greatly minimized.

Renewable energy development and energy conservation are areas where the whole world may be saved from catastrophe, therefore their new technology must be free of patents, royalties, and other restrictions. Whatever new technology emerges in these fields, they should be made accessible to all nations and people at no cost.

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