Tropical Depression Twelve Forming In The Atlantic

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People are still dealing with the fallout of Hurricane Ian, but now a new storm is forming in the Atlantic. If we are lucky though, this storm will be much smaller and far more short-lived than Hurricane Ian. This tropical depression is known as Tropical Depression Twelve which formed on October 4th. It is, around the time of this particular writing, about four hundred fifty miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands in the central Atlantic. The depression has wind of thirty-five miles per hour and it is currently moving northwest at a rate of around twelve miles per hour in a constant motion. The system is expected to dissipate by Thursday night. If it becomes an actual storm and grows in strength, the National Hurricane Center will name the storm Julia.

According to the local Fox 35 Storm team in Florida, there is another tropical depression that is forming which is only being referred to as Disturbance #1. It is east of the Windward Islands and could potentially stay in the Caribbean and away from any nearby land. Why is everyone keeping an eye on these particular systems? Well, they could be a sign of larger storms to come in the near future. After all, October ranks as the third-most-active month (behind the months of September and August) for tropical activity in the Atlantic Basin. It is possible that there might be some new storm or hurricane that is brewing in the Atlantic and those who monitor storm systems have to be prepared!

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