Hurricane Ian Destroyed Many Homes In Florida

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Hurricane Ian destroyed many homes in Florida when it rampaged through the state this weekend. Billions of dollars in damage were caused by the storm and thousands of displaced people are questioning where they are going to live now, especially since according to the Washington Post, Florida is one of the country's most expensive states to live in. This Monday, about one thousand seven hundred people in Estero, Florida were staying in emergency shelters and over eight hundred fifty thousand residents are still dealing with a lack of power. Most of the people affected were those in low-income areas or residents that survive on a fixed income.

Even as a possibility, rent is expensive in Florida, and renting will not be an option for many. Even if it is, it will be an expensive option that will get more costly as many left without a place to live consider this option. "Anyone in the rental market is going to see prices go up because of all the other people who will now be entering the rental market. It’s going to push out an entire group of people who were already marginalized,” said Chelsea Plaisance, lead organizer for Lee Interfaith for Empowerment.

Even those with insurance have been spending time battling with their insurance companies to get the money & materials necessary in order to rebuild their homes & their lives. For example, the Washington Post interviewed Kristen Santero, a fifty-year-old who had her home destroyed and had to spend time battling for the money she is supposed to get for her flood insurance. To quote the middle age woman: “You’re looking at thousands of people who are trying to find displacement housing. I think it’s going to be very difficult.”

Some have decided to live in trailers and others plan to move elsewhere for cheaper property to live in. If you want to help some of the people in Florida, you can donate to Feeding America and the Red Cross. You can also donate to the Humane Society if you have a soft spot for animals.

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