Making Power With Biogas and A Natural Gas Generator

Tyler Mc.

Earlier, I talked about how a renewable fuel called biogas can be made using tobacco, water, and an air-tight environment. However, I haven't mentioned how you can use this gas to potentially power a kind of generator that someone can easily buy from a hardware store right now. There is a type of electric generator called a natural gas generator that runs on natural gas instead of running on gasoline or diesel. Now, the thing about natural gas is that it is mostly made out of methane:

Natural gas occurs deep beneath the earth's surface. Natural gas consists mainly of methane, a compound with one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms. Natural gas also contains small amounts of hydrocarbon gas liquids and nonhydrocarbon gases. - U.S. Energy Information Administration

Biogas has a similar composition with Merriam-Webster describing it as a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide produced by the bacterial decomposition of organic wastes and used as a fuel. Because of this, natural gas-powered engines and generators can be powered by any biogas you generate. This is why many are starting to see biogas as a useful renewable energy source: it can be used with regular natural gas engines that we already have with little to no modification to the gas being created. Make enough potent biogas, combine it with a natural gas generator, and you can have extra power during an emergency or potentially power the house you live in with a powerful enough generator if you are trying to get off the grid.

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