Waffle Houses In Florida Prepare for Hurricane Ian

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The restaurant Waffle House is famous for being a popular restaurant chain in the United States that provides plenty of breakfast foods such as hash browns, waffles, and sausage. This particular restaurant is also famous for rarely closing its doors while providing food & shelter to first responders during natural disasters. However, Waffle House has looked at Hurricane Ian as it heads towards the state of Florida and decided that this time, it would be far too dangerous to stay open during this particular natural disaster. The upper management over Waffle House restaurants in Florida has decided that the weather is just too dangerous for most of their locations to risk it.

"We do have closures in mandatory evacuation zones and areas within low-lying areas that are subject to severe flooding," said Njeri Boss - Waffle House's Vice President of Public Relations. At eleven o'clock a.m. EST, twenty-one locations in Florida were closed on September 28th in preparation for the devastation that's expected to come. Hurricane Ian is considered to be an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm and has, so far, been on the brink of Category 5 status by sustaining winds that can blast up to one hundred fifty-five miles per hour. Waffle House Storm Center - a team that the restaurant has to monitor the paths of extreme weather - has been monitoring the hurricane and deemed it to be too dangerous for anyone to remain in its path. Hopefully, first responders can do without these restaurants for brief shelter and food...

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