Using Tobacco For Biogas Fuel

Tyler Mc.
The Guardian

Earlier, I talked about how tobacco - a product used to make a toxic drug for smoking - can be used with water to make a natural, safe pesticide to help protect your crops and thus has more usage than simply making cigars or cigarettes. However, as a peer-review study shows, you can also use tobacco to create biogas and generate a renewable biofuel! Biogas is a mix of methane and trace amounts of carbon dioxide made by bacterial decomposition of certain forms of organic wastes. This particular gas mixture can then be used as a renewable fuel for specialized vehicles and even for generating electricity.

The cool thing is that there is a very simple method for generating biogas as a basic experiment that shows how potent biogas can be made with tobacco. With a bottle, balloon, and some tape, you can make a basic biogas generator as a proof-of-concept. First, you take tobacco (at least sixty grams, but more should be beneficial) that has been cured and blend it using a blender or food processor. Then, put the tobacco in the bottle and fill the bottle with water until the bottle is three-fourths full. Put a balloon at the top of the bottle and tape it to the bottle so tight that no oxygen in the bottle. Generally, within a week, the balloon should inflate, showing the biogas that is now a basic fuel.

Obviously, this is a very basic experiment, but I can add to it in future articles to show how organic materials like tobacco can be used to generate fuel and energy. The point is that this basically show a simple way that tobacco can be used other than as a pesticide or a source of cancer to generate a form of renewable energy...

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