A Man Built A 64 sq ft. Tiny Home for $300

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The picture above depicts part of a tiny shelter home created by a man named Derek Diedricksen. This is a man who has written about micro shelters - small tiny homes that are smaller than one hundred square feet, yet they still fit all of the amenities of comfortable living in a home. Derek did this as a part of living off the grid, but many people do not live off the grid to enjoy tiny home living. The entire design cost only about three hundred dollars, but even with this very cheap price & small space, Derek was able to fit in a bed, a sink, a stove, a shower, a desk with a table, a sleeping loft, and even some furniture to make the place comfortable!

Derek refers to the house as the "Rock Bottom" house due to the rock bottom cost of building the home without having to give up basic living comforts. A man named Jeff living in North Carolina also built a house with the same dimensions of sixty-four square feet. He is able to live there with his wife and their dog while still having a decent amount of creature comforts.

“It is solar and insulated and with a flat screen TV, a toilet, and a queen size bed, it has been our home practically every weekend for the past 3 1/2 years while we build a larger house by ourselves. It stays warm with body heat (two adults and a 70lb dog) in winters that can see 40+ inches of snow. It has been absolutely great! It forces you to get out and stay active.” - Jeff

Jeff's design even has passive solar power to help provide power to the house, which is pretty impressive! The average tiny house is 225 square feet but even with much less space, you can still live a pretty comfortable life in very little space. In fact, some tiny houses are modular and can have more added to them over time if you have enough land space & earn enough money. But, if you have very little money, enough handyman skills, and want to have enough amenities to live a comfortable life, just know it is technically possible with a few hundred dollars and enough ingenuity!

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