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Best Restaurants at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

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Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport, or CLT for short, is a pretty good place to go if you need to travel somewhere within or outside of the country, but there are other things to enjoy about this airport. The Washington Post listed three really good restaurants for each of the major restaurants operating in the major airports in the United States. CLT was able to make the cut and now there are three great restaurants that they recommend if you ever find yourself at this particular airport. Each of these restaurants is part of the three restaurant categories that the Washington Post made for their article: sit-down restaurants (restaurants that are best for you to sit down and eat), quick-serves (one where you can pick up some fast food if you are in a hurry), and wild card restaurants (ones that have local food, desserts, and some alcohol).

When it comes to the wild card at Charlotte Douglas Airport, writer and whiskey expert G. Clay Whittaker would recommend you go to a cocktail bar and restaurant called The Broken Spoke. It is located in Concourse A and it is a good bar where you can sample local Charlotte spirits that anyone can enjoy. If you are not interested in a wildcard, then you can get some fried chicken, cajun fries, or biscuits from the Bojangles restaurant in Concourse B and the Plaza in CLT. Bojangles was founded in Charlotte back in 1977 and you can enjoy it at the airport before your flight! If you want to sit down and enjoy some good food in the form of wraps and sandwiches, head over to Concourse E and hang out at Captain Jack's Tavern! It is a good place to get some craft German-style beers if you are interested in that!

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