How to Use Tobacco As A Pesticide

Tyler Mc.

In one of my earlier articles, I wrote about how you can use peppers and water to create homemade pepper spray, which can then be utilized as a pesticide or a spray for self-defense. Now, I am bringing up tobacco. I can understand why people are not a fan of tobacco since it is many times used for very unhealthy habits. Tobacco is usually smoked which can lead to lung cancer, heart disease, and plenty of other health problems. Back in 2008, tobacco smoking was considered by the World Health Organization named tobacco the single greatest cause of preventable death.

The thing is, however, there are other uses for tobacco other than smoking it, so there are other ways the plant can be cultivated & used to help people instead of hurting them. For example, tobacco - similar to peppers as I explained - can be used to create an all-natural pesticide to help keep plants safe from being eaten by pests. One recipe for this particular pesticide is very simple to make with very few materials required. All you need is two hundred fifty milliliters of loose tobacco and four liters of water. Mix these two ingredients in a large bowl or container. Then, let this mixture sit in the sun or in some kind of warm location for twenty-four hours. When the pesticide is ready, the mixture should be the same hue as a light tea.

When everything is said and done, this pesticide can keep away insects like worms, caterpillars, and aphids that can try to eat your crops. So, if you happen to have some tobacco for any reason, you now know that there is a way you can use it that won't give you diseases!

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