Wood Ash As Fertilizer

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When you are growing crops, unless you are using growing methods like hydroponics, you pretty much need some good soil to try growing your plants in. If you do not want to get into hydroponics, then there is a problem if you cannot get your hands on some good soil: you need some kind of fertilizer to help give your plants the soil & nutrition they need to grow properly. There is one source of fertilizer that a lot of people do not seem to consider when it comes to gardening or growing crops: ashes that come from burning wood products or the right kinds of items that can add plenty of life back into your soil!

According to The Guardian, wood ash can be a good source of potassium for anything you want to grow. Potassium is used by plants for a lot of their growing cycle. It helps with water uptake and photosynthesis so even if you resort to hydroponics instead of traditional growing methods, the wood ash can be added to the water you provide your crops to give them the nutrients they need to help them grow big and strong!

Wood ash has been used for fertilizer for a very long time. The literal first United States patent was Samuel Hopkin's organic fertilizer, for which the main ingredient was wood ash! Plus, it is easy to make: you can burn paper, wood, cardboard, and even dried grasses. Then, you can wait for the ashes to cool off and sprinkle them where you want to plant your crops or put the ashes in a composter - composting them for at least a month before using them as a form of soil for your plants!

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