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Recently, I wrote about a specific kind of specialized tent/home known as yurts that are making a comeback here in the United States. Now, I am going more into detail about what it is like for people who decide to live in these kinds of homes and try to survive in this form of alternative housing. Now, some people have been questioning how a yurt is different from a traditional tent, and there are plenty of differences between living in a traditional camping tent & living in a modern yurt that is able to enjoy a lot more modern comforts. Unlike regular tents, yurts tend to have sturdy door frames, flooring, and the kind of stable structure that allows them to have windows and doors installed.

Traditional yurts are made with wood and a type of felt like sheep wool or fabric felt that makes up the outside walls & some people prefer to live in a traditional-style alternative home like this. That being said, there are also modern yurts with durable modern materials like fiberglass or durable, water-resistant sliding for the outside walls of the yurts. On top of that, you can have rafters for the inside structure or supports or metal cables or reinforced columns to keep the structure up.

A yurt can cost anywhere between six thousand dollars to thirty-seven dollars according to Quicken Loans' Holly Shuffett (a writer who focuses on homeownership and has a B.A. in public relations), but that cost depends on a variety of factors, one of those factors being if you get a yurt that is already assembled or if you outsource materials yourself. Another factor is whether you want to install solar panels, rain collectors, or other amenities like certain people who go off-the-grid do when constructing or purchasing their yurts. All of these are decisions people who want to have this alternative housing style have to consider, as well as considering that they need to secure the land they will put the yurt on - which Holly considers the 'land' part to be one of the most important aspects. The land will obviously have a different cost for purchase or rent (with some towns offering free land for individuals who decide to move there), but once people interested in yurt living have that, the yurt itself becomes the main focus.

As I stated before, yurt living is not for everyone, but those who are interested need to do research and consider things like the basic information in this article & more complex information on what yurt living will cost in resources before they make a big decision with the kind of home they want to live in...

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