Explaining and Introducing Those Who Came Before, or the Isu, In Assassin's Creed Video Games

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In a previous article, I talked about the basic information for the video game series Assassin's Creed: a game that occurs in an alternate history where every major event that happens in human history is somewhat affected by an ongoing secret war happening between two secretive groups throughout time: the Assassins (a group of libertarians fighting for the freedom of humanity) and the Templars (a group of authoritarians fighting to control mankind for their idea of a 'better tomorrow'). However, when it comes to the series, there is a third party that I forgot to mention that is also a huge part of the game series' alternate history: a group of individuals who are known as Those Who Came Before.

Those Who Came Before is a lengthy title for these people, but they can also be known as the Isu for short. This is a group of advanced precursors to humanity that ruled over the Earth over seventy-seven thousand years ago. The Isu have a strange form of blue and orange morality: a form of morality that would be seen as bizarre, unconventional, and distorted by modern human standards (or at least the standards of most of the people who would be the intended audience for a particular work). In their moral code, they do not remotely see the world and life with any concern for humanity as a whole. In fact, despite being potential cousins to humanity, they once tried to enslave the human race to make them a docile workforce.

Part of the Assassin's Creed games is the Templars and Assassins fighting over the resources that the Isu leave behind. Those resources can be used by the Templars to help in their attempts to control the entire human race while the Assassins can potentially use some of those items to help fight for freeing information and society for mankind.

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