$13 M US Dollars Earned For Stacked - the Twitch for Web3 Gamers

Tyler Mc.

In Los Angeles, CA, there is a new startup company called Stacked currently working on something interesting. The business was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Alex Lin and it is being designed into a company that is working on a new application for video streaming of gaming content. It is supposed to use blockchain technology to hand out governance tokens to users that allow different users to have a say in how the platform will develop over time. According to Alex Lin, this method of governance for this particular version of Twitch will "align the interests of content operators and creators for the first time."

The platform will be available on mobile and desktop with tokens being awarded based on performance metrics & a similar look to a conventional video streaming platform. This particular sales pitch has allowed Stacked to attract a group of investors that pumped close to thirteen million dollars into the company's plan. Originally, Stacked did not intend on including blockchain technology with its application/ Twitch competitor, but Pantera Capital - one of the companies that helped to provide the million-dollar funding they needed for their application - convinced Lin that blockchain could help to play a critical role in the infrastructure of the Stacked application.

Now with a lot of fresh capital to allow them to continue with their vision, Stacked plans to have their app launch in North America in December of this year and, if that particular release is successful, later release the app in Southeast Asia & Latin America. Hopefully, Stacked can be successful in creating a new competitor to Twitch on the market and successfully debuting their app...

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