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Opinion: The Beginning of Occupy Wall Street - How The Forgotten Protest Began and Why It Is Important To Plan!

Tyler Mc.

There was a peaceful protest against the financial problems, income inequality, and decline of American democracy into the modern civil oligarchy-like state, but it kind of fizzled out to the point that most people do not talk about it anymore. What I am talking about is the Occupy Wall Street protests that happened at the start of the last decade. It was an interesting point of history that most have forgotten, but many still recall to some degree. The protest began back in September of 2011 with the occupation of Zuccotti Park in New York City, but the origins of the protest began even further back than that. Back on June 9th of 2011, Kalle Lasn - a Candian filmmaker, author, and activist - registered the domain for a website. This domain was By July 13th, Lasn's anti-consumerist organization called Adbusters started to propose peaceful demonstrations to occupy parts of Wall Street as part of some kind of larger political movement in the United States.

On August 9th, Dylan Jason Ratigan, a progressive political commentator, spoke on his MSNBC show to criticize US political-banking ties. Many members of the Occupy movement saw this particular showing from Ratigan as a motivation to go out and protest the corrupt banking interests that had power over the United States government. On August 23rd, the hacktivist group known as Anonymous encourages the people following them to take part in protests that would be happening in New York City & many of their followers answered this call to action. Then on September 3rd, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich published a lengthy article in The New York Times. This article contained the claim that the productivity gains in the last three decades in the United States had gone mostly to the top fifth of earners instead of going to the common citizens of the United States. All of this led to September 17th, when the actual protest began. No matter how you feel about the Occupy Movement, you can see that they were around for as long as they were because they were able to coordinate & properly plan their protests well in advance instead of simply winging it like many would have probably assumed. That is the power of proper planning!

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