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Los Alamos: The Closed Town Of America That Unlocked The Atom

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Today, Los Alamos is a town in New Mexico that has a population of about 13,200 people as of 2020 according to the census. Right now, Los Alamos is pretty much just like any other small town in the state with very little difference between it and any other settlement you can find in the remote parts of New Mexico. However, this town has a very interesting and somewhat dark history associated with the Second World War and the Cold War. The United States of America was the first nation to unlock the secret of atomic energy to produce a weapon of mass destruction known as the atomic bomb. Los Alamos was a secret town that contained a classified research laboratory. This lab was part of the Manhattan Project: a secret scientific project primarily created to develop an atomic bomb to help end the World War with a final bang. The secret town was built to house thousands of scientists, engineers, and the families of these various people. The whole point of the secrecy was to keep United States nuclear scientists and whatever work they were a part of "away from prying eyes and ears".

Anyone living or visiting the town who went on to contact the outside world was forbidden to talk about Los Alamos. The town was not mentioned on any official documentation such as driver's licenses, birth certificates, and postal mail. The entire perimeter of the town was surrounded by fences and guards, so anyone who got too close without proper clearance would be turned away with some kind of cover story to justify why there was anyone in this remote portion of New Mexico. Everything was run by the Army Corps of Engineers who had to make sure the town could accommodate a population of over six thousand people. Eventually, Los Alamos would be declassified, but many of the documents about what specifically went on there were only released in 2002. Now, this chapter about one of America's most infamous closed cities is now open for the public to learn about themselves.

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