RV Living: Americans Choosing To Live In Recreational Vehicles

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Today, there are plenty of people in the United States that are living as a type of 'modern nomad' that spend their time living in a vehicle instead of a traditional home. Over one million Americans are living in RVs, some due to finances but many due to simply wanting to ditch 'sticks and bricks' houses to embrace a life of travel, minimalism, and working whenever they want. Most of these modern nomads have some kind of job in order to fund their travels. Some of them have jobs that allow them to work from home, which allows them to continue to earn money from their RV as long as there is an internet connection available. One of these modern nomads named Jessica Meinhofer was interviewed by the Washington Post and she was able to live in an RV because she was a government contractor who was allowed to work remotely, simply logging into her computer from the comfort of her home whenever she needs to work. Other nomads work freelance gigs, doing things like cleaning campsites, harvesting on farms, or filling in as security guards. Some people refer to this lifestyle of living in a recreational vehicle as 'RVing', though this term can refer either to those who live in an RV full-time or those who live in their vehicle part-time (like only living in the RV on the weekends and one day of the week).

Half of the new RV sales are for Americans under the age of forty-five with many young couples taking up this form of living. The sense of freedom combined with the reduced financial burden that comes with living in an RV becomes far more attractive in the climate of the modern world. While it might not be everyone's favorite option, there are plenty of people in America who seem to want to adopt the modern nomad lifestyle!

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