Get Ready to Pay More at Checkout: Stores Implement Plastic Bag Surcharge

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As more and more retailers try to find ways to reduce plastic waste, many stores have implemented a surcharge for plastic bags.
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This is a way to encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags and contribute to a more environmentally-friendly solution for transporting their groceries. This article will highlight some of the major retailers who have joined the Beyond the Bag initiative and no longer provide single-use plastic bags or paper bags at checkout.


Walmart stores in Colorado, New York, and Connecticut have phased out single-use plastic bags as of this month. Customers are required to bring their own bags or face a surcharge ranging from 74 cents to $3.98 depending on the size and type of bag they use. Although home delivery services still use paper bags, a number of stores in Colorado and New York will be affected by the ban.


In an effort to eliminate all plastic bags by 2025, a Virginia Kroger store removed plastic bags last year. Shoppers are encouraged to bring their own bags or purchase reusable plastic bags for 10 cents or a reusable tote for 99 cents. All proceeds from the bags sold will be donated to the Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiative.


Aldi, the large grocer, has set a goal to completely eliminate plastic shopping bags by this year. So far, they have removed plastic bags from about 500 stores and aim to phase them out from all 2,200 locations. This will result in a reduction of 4,400 tons of plastic from circulation each year.

Other Stores:

Target, Meijer, Albertsons, H-E-B, Walgreens, CVS, Dollar Tree, and Ulta Beauty have also joined the Beyond the Bag initiative. Some states such as California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, and Vermont have banned the use of single-use plastic bags.


The Beyond the Bag initiative is a step forward in reducing plastic waste and promoting a more environmentally-friendly solution for transporting goods purchased at stores. Retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, Aldi, and others have joined the initiative and are working towards reducing the amount of plastic bags used.

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What are your thoughts on the plastic bag surcharge at stores? Have you noticed any changes in your local stores regarding plastic bags? Have you made the switch to reusable bags? If so, what has been your experience?

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