Retail Apocalypse Continues: Bed Bath & Beyond Announces More Store Closures - Might File For Bankruptcy

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Bed Bath & Beyond, a popular retail chain, has announced the closure of over 120 locations in the United States.

Bed Bath & Beyond, a popular retail chain, has announced the closure of over 120 locations in the United States, including 62 Bed Bath & Beyond stores, 6 Buy Buy Baby locations, and 2 Harmon stores. The company has been facing financial struggles for several years and has gone through multiple executives since 2019.

Recently, the company also laid off 20% of its workforce and reported that it may file for bankruptcy.

List of Closures:

The official list of store closures was released by the company, which showed that 30 states will be affected by the closures. California will lose the most number of stores with 8 closures, followed by Florida with 6 closures, and Michigan with 5 closures. The company has also stated that some of the stores from the original list of 56 closures will close by the end of January.

Liquidation Sales:

Despite the losses the company is facing, it does offer shoppers the opportunity to save money in-store through liquidation sales. These sales occur when a company needs to sell off its inventory to get its last portion of cash, and are often at huge discounts.

However, it is unclear how long the liquidation sales will last, and they may vary by location.


Bed Bath & Beyond has struggled financially for several years, and the recent announcement of store closures is a result of the company's inability to operate by itself moving forward. The company's net sales have decreased by 33% and it has reported $393 million in losses.

While the news of the closures is unfortunate, shoppers can take advantage of the liquidation sales to save money on their purchases.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you ever shopped at Bed Bath & Beyond before? What are your thoughts on the store closures and the liquidation sales? Have you ever taken advantage of a liquidation sale before?

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