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Health Department Forcibly Closes Dollar General Store

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The Dollar General Store on State Road 662 Newburgh was ordered to be closed by the Warrick County Health Department.

This is how 44 News covers the incident,

"A statement from the Warrick County Health Department sent out Wednesday said that the Dollar General store #7577 at 10588 W. SR 662 in Newburgh was ordered to close temporarily. According to WCHD, the order was issued after the store was found to have "repeated violations, which constitute a danger to personals safety or have been found in violation to provisions of applicable ordinances."

The closure is only a temporary one and the store can be reopened once the safety violations are fixed.

Dollar General Gets Bad Press

Dollar General has been in the news quite a lot over the past few years. And it hasn't always been for the right reasons. In an article, I published for Newsbreak on Nov 16, 2022, titled: 'Dollar General Store Humiliates Female Employee: Social Media in Uproar' I covered the story of an employee who took to social media to protest what she called a 'slap in the face' raise of 50 cents.

This was appalling for several reasons, the least of which was the miserly behavior of Dollar General in light of its explosive growth as a business. The article said,

"According to the Data Company Scrape Hero, "There are 18,731 Dollar General retail stores in the United States as of October 30, 2022." Ok. So over 18,000 Stores. Do you know what the revenue of Dollar General was for 2022? Get this, Dollar General's annual revenue for 2022 was $34.22 Billion. Dollar General has over 18,000 stores and $34.22 Billion in Revenue and it humiliates one of its female employees by offering a 50-cent raise."

And now, Dollar General is in the news again. This time for violating safety rules. It seems that Dollar General's disregard for safety is wilful, otherwise, it would have taken measures to address the situation. As there is more news I will keep posting updates on Newsbreak.

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