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A look inside President Biden's George Floyd anniversary executive order

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Today marks the two year anniversary for an arrest that led to the death of Minnesota man, George Floyd.

US President Joe Biden signs an Executive Order, structuring public safety, in honor of George Floyd's death.New York Times

Floyd was suspected of passing a counterfeit twenty dollar bill to a gas station cashier. He was subsequently arrested by then Minneapolis Police Department officer, Derek Chauvin.

Officer Chauvin historically pent Mr. Floyd's neck under his knee while handcuffed. Mr. Floyd died while apprehended.

U.S. President Joe Biden's, Executive Order (EO) signing today will advance effective, accountable policing and criminal justice practices that will build public trust and strengthen public safety, according to The White House Briefing Room.

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According to the release, this George Floyd memorial-driven Executive Order will do the following:

1. Promotes Accountability

-The order creates a new national database of police misconduct. This allows new precincts to see previous officer misconduct. However, the database will have due process for officers.

-Ensures timely and thorough investigations and consistent discipline.

2. Raises Standards

-Bans the use of chokeholds and carotid restraints unless deadly force is authorized. Restricts the use of no-knock entries.

-New standards that limit the use of force and require de-escalation for all federal agencies.

3. Supports Law Enforcement with Improved Systems and Training

-Reimagines crisis response with guidance from Attorney General and the Health and Human Services (HHS) for identifying federal resources for innovative models to respond to crises.

-To prioritize Officer wellness, the Attorneys General Office will recommend measure to reduce officer suicides.

-New and annual anti-bias training

4. Improves Data Transparency and Oversight of New Technologies

This is an image of what facial recognition software can generate while in a database.Damir Sagolj

-Tracks data on use of force incidents

-HHS will publish a nationwide review of physical, mental, and public health effects of use of force incidents.

-Safeguarding facial-recognition software

directs the National Academy of Science to publish a study on privacy, civil rights, civil liberties, accuracy, or disparate impact concerns with use of biometric, facial-recognition, and algorithmic technologies.

-A team assembled by President Biden will write a report on how to collect collect and publish data on calls for service, searches, stops, frisks, seizures, arrests, complaints, law enforcement demographics, and civil asset forfeiture

5. Reforms Our Broader Criminal Justice System

-Improves conditions of confinement

-A government-wide strategic plan to propose interventions to reform our criminal justice system will introduce front-end diversion, alternatives to incarceration, and rehabilitation and reentry.

President Biden’s May 25, 2022 Executive Order, is a top-down approach (federal to local) to strengthen public policy, according to The White House


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