Confederate General John Hunt Morgan and his fight for Confederacy in Kentucky (Intro to the Civil War in Kentucky 1/4)

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Captain John Morgan hunt died in eastern Tenessee after years of battling for ideals of the Confederates.Kentucky Historical Society

General John Hunt Morgan was born in Alabama in 1825 and died in battle in Tennessee in 1864. General Hunt's body rests in Lexington, Kentucky city cemetery, according to the Kentucky Historical Society.

General Morgan persisted with attacks from the north, against Union soldier stations in Kentucky. His fellowed missions led him through battles in Indiana and Ohio until he was captured and served time in an Ohio prison in 1863.

An article at, reveals that General John Hunt Morgan and 200 of his soldiers surrendered near the Pennsylvania and Ohio border. He and his officers were taken to the Ohio State Penitentiary on July 30th, 1863.

On November 4th, 1863, General Hunt and his officers began a 20 night digging. They dug through the cell floors and a passage that led them close to the prison wall. They spent four nights chipping at a four-door thick outer wall. On November 27th, they had made their escape.
Captain John Morgan Hunt was arrested after a battle surrender in June 1864 in Ohio. He escaped the Ohio state penitentiary November 1864..RVA News

They scattered leaving only a Mr. Hines and General Morgan. After crossing the Kentucky River. They found safety at the Old Pollard Inn in Henry Co., Kentucky.

The Kentucky Historical Society then states that by June 8th, 1864, General John Hunt Morgan found a new spark in his mission to make the Confederacy prominent, by capturing Mount Sterling, Kentucky.

After capturing much needed horses and supplies, two days later in Lexington, General Hunt and his men. The Confederate soldiers led by General Hunt ran into trouble in Cynthiana, Kentucky and retreated on June 12th, 1864.

The men reorganized in Abingdon, Virginia, where Morgan was relieved of his command of the Department of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Confederate leader John Hunt Morgan died as a Captain, operating in East Tennessee, killed by Union soldiers. His remains are in Lexington, Kentucky.


Kentucky Historical Society

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