Grants available for individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits in Georgia. Applications Open.

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Grants are awarded in the good-faith of the recipient, in order to accomplish a goal of a grantor. Grantors make evident the purpose of the grant, through it's introduction and application process. There are how many grants open for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals related to scientific and technological advancement and integration.
The state of Georgia has many grant opportunities for 2022 individuals, businesses, and nonprofits.Georgia Department of Community Affairs

GrantWatch is an organization formed in 2010. It serves as a database for grants available to businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. Through navigating GrantWatch, a grant-seeker can have categorized results to help them search relevantly. According to their website, their database hosts 200,000 monthly visitors. Currently, Grantwatch yields over 60 results for technology grants.

Grants work for academic institutions, businesses organizations, and for individual propriety as financial assistance grants. According to, grant awards are:

Financial assistance that provides support or stimulation to accomplish a public purpose.”

In some circumstances, real property, goods, or services can subsidize a grant award. A type of grant according to is a technology grant. Technology grants might subsidize a grant amount awarded through technology contributions (including software) or improvements to existing technologies.

Northeast Georgia Medical Center (NGMC) received a technology grant for $15,000 from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNML) in January 2022. The grant will be used to deliver technology, and improve health and digital equity to underserved communities.
Northeast Georgia Medical Center received a $15,000 Technology Improvement Award Grant to barrier the technology divide between underserved.Northeast Georgia Health System

Understandably, many grant requirements can be filled by individuals or businesses. Some grants, including federal grants, require the entity to have a Duns & Bradstreet (D&B) registration number. Duns & Bradstreet serve many functions for business entities and grantors including credit monitoring for business, business and company department directory, and the host of various business-related seminars.

A grant often serves a purpose to the grantor. The grantor could be trying to solve a technology or science problem, contribute to the arts or education, or develop social remedies, by giving money or resources to a person or business type organization.

In Georgia, grants are made available from grantors of the private and public sector. If you have a place of business, are an individual, or administrate a nonprofit organization in Georgia, recommended to search for a grant are:

This website has over 200,000 visitors and has capability to skew search for recipients as individual, small, business, or nonprofit.
Georgia Governor's Office of Planning and Development has grant resources available to Georgia individuals, small business, and nonprofit.Georgia Alliance for Health Literacy

The Georgia Governor’s OPD office recommends as a remedy to public inquiries of:

How can I find federal money to start up my small business, enhance the community's after-school program, get housing rehabilitation assistance...? provides federal grants to small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. Georgia’s Governor’s Office of Planning and B has more funding resources for the people of Georgia, on their website.

The organization provides portals through their website, through which grant seekers can navigate grants for local government assistance, community and economic development, and safe and affordable housing.

If you have a great idea, the tools are available for you. Regardless if you and your partner started a small business, or if your organization is looking to implement a plan, grants can help.

Before proceeding to a grant application, familiarize yourself with formats, language, and subject matter of successful grant applications.

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council of Georgia, offers grant writing resources and tips on their website. Be encouraged with your ideas and projects, and take that extra step to make your grant application as competent as possible.




Governor’s Office of Planning and Budgeting

Georgia Department of Community Affairs

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