4 Southern comfort restaurants for your trip through Kentucky.

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This summer, restaurateurs are prepared to serve the public. As you look to get out and enjoy the summer, think Kentucky and it’s inviting Bluegrass comfort. Kentucky’s soon to host the 148th Kentucky Derby on May 7th, bringing together the world’s most equestrian enthusiasts.

This map shows driving through Kentucky, eastward, on I-60.KentuckyRoads.com

Here are some restaurants exuding Kentucky hospitality to get you through your west-to-east trip through Kentucky.

One of Kentucky's most westward parts is Paducah. Paducah is rich in Kentucky history and flavor.

Paducah, Kentucky - Freight House

This restaurant is a farm-to-table restaurant. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in 2012 Kentucky sold more than $1 billion dollars in cattle and ranked 7th in U.S. poultry farms. The Freight House serves up

Freight House is a farm-to-table restaurant in Paducah, KY.Freight House
Southern flavors, paired with locally-sourced meats and garden fresh fare.”

Paducah Kentucky’s, Freight House restaurant is a great taste of some fine things Kentucky offers. The Freight House is located on 330 S. Third Street in Paducah, Kentucky.

Moving westward through Kentucky;

Bowling Green, KY - S & D Soul Food Favorites

S & D 's likely has your favorite taste of soul food on the menu.S&D Soul Food Favorites

S & D Soul Food Favorites will be a great welcome through the western part of Kentucky. The restaurant is located downtown at 729 Chestnut street. Their website shows that they are running a promotion from April 28th - June 30th, 2022. Visit their website for details on this money saving promotion, and still enjoy S & D Soul Food Favorite menu selections.

Moving eastward past central Kentucky

Berea, KY - The Dinner Bell

The Dinner Bell Restaurant in Berea, KY has a gift shop, and memorable food.Dinner Bell Restaurant

The Dinner Bell restaurant has southern style food and a gift shop. Remembering your Kentucky visit will certainly happen from the Dinner Bell’s kitchen. But why pass up locally crafted souvenirs from the Dinner Bell shop. The Dinner Bell is located on 127 Plaza Drive in Berea, Ky.

Before leaving Kentucky and entering West Virginia or Virginia, heading east through Kentucky, make your eastern Kentucky stop.

Pikeville, KY - Biggens Barbie-Q (BBQ)

Biggens Barbie-Cue is a great last stop on you west-to-east trip through Kentucky. The dine-in and takeout number provides big meat for hungry customers. They have sides and a dining area for the full dining experience. Biggens Barbie-Cue is located on 404 S. Mayo Street in Pikeville, KY.

Anytime is a great time to reach your restaurant destination in Kentucky. However, if you happen to be traveling west-to-east through Kentucky, these are some restaurants that will give you some meals to remember.


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