Expect Minimal Travel Delays When Traveling Back Home This Weekend in Kansas


The weather for this weekend in all of Kansas and most parts outside of Kansas involves no precipitation that affects travel time

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Many people are traveling back home from Thanksgiving from their extended family gatherings.

Unlike some parts of the country where it will see rain or snow, which can cause travel delays either in the form of flight cancellations/delays or slower driving times, Kansans will be lucky not to experience those traveling hassles this weekend.

However, some Kansans who drive vehicles will still have to face road construction when traveling back home, especially on major highways like Interstate 70 and Interstate 35.

The weather forecast for 11/27/2021TWC

As you can see on Saturday, Kansas is spared from rain and snow, with highs generally in the 60s. That is good news for travelers because they don't have to face the dreaded travel delays, which can cause chaos in their travel plans.

Unfortunately for people in most of Texas, areas near Portland, OR and Seattle, parts of the Northeast U.S, and parts of the Midwest outside of Kansas, you will experience some travel delays since rain can cause flights to be delayed or even get canceled.

Good thing we have snow-plowers in Kansas to treat roads to become less dangerous during a snowstorm, just in case the weather forecast is wrong.

The weather forecast for 11/28/2021TWC

For Sunday, all of Kansas will enjoy clear skies with some clouds, depending on the location.

Kansas will be a little cooler on Sunday than the day before, depending on the location.

Unfortunately, it will be raining in Seattle, Portland, OR, and most in Louisiana. There will be snow in most of Michigan, parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and most of New York.

If you live in those areas, prepare for unexpected travel delays. Many employers will want you back to work on Monday, so try to travel back home when the weather is clear.

If that is not possible, plan ahead and call your employer if you need to adjust your schedule to accommodate for unexpected travel delays.

If you do freelance work or are self-employed, adjust accordingly with the weather conditions and the timing of being back home.

If you still attend school, let your professors or your school/college know (your parents will do it if you're still in high school or below) if you can't show up to class on the first day back from Thanksgiving break (the day depends on your school/college).

If you're in Kansas, use this map to show where road construction is currently happening.

If you're not in Kansas, look up your state department of transportation or similar to find a map of road construction.

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