Man Arrested in 50 Year Old Cold Case Murder After Son Gives DNA to Police

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Nancy Elaine Anderson was killed in 1972 while living in Hawaii
Nancy Elaine AndersonPhoto byHonolulu Police Department

On January 7, 1972, 19-year-old Nancy Anderson was in her apartment getting a demonstration from two silverware salesmen when her roommate came home around 2:30 PM. Her roommate, 18-year-old Jody Spooner, joined as the men finished, with neither woman buying any silverware. Jody then went to her room to have a nap. Jody woke up from her nap around 5 PM; she went to the kitchen when she noticed that the water was running in Nancy’s bathroom, which she thought was odd as she thought Nancy would have left for work.

She discovered Nancy’s bedroom door ajar and found Nancy on the bedroom floor bloody. Jody immediately went to a neighbor’s apartment and said they needed to call 911 because Nancy had killed herself.

Nancy moved to Hawaii in October 1971 to have some time there before starting college. She was a 1970 John Glen High School graduate in Bay City, Michigan. She had just returned from a trip home to visit family for Christmas and New Year. Nancy worked at a Mcdonalds’ and was known to be very friendly to anyone she met.

When police arrived, they discovered that Nancy had multiple stable wounds on her neck, chest, stomach, back, and sides. She also had what looked like defensive wounds, which, for police, eliminated the chance they were self-inflicted. Police collected evidence, including several bloody towels and multiple sets of fingerprints.

Police interviewed Jody, who said she had heard something odd around 4:15 but hadn’t thought much about it because there weren’t any further disturbances after that. She also believed all the doors had been locked, including Jody’s bedroom.

Police talked to several people in the surrounding area, but one had heard or seen anything suspicious.

Neighbors and acquaintances of Nancy said that she was known to be very friendly and often had men come over or go out on several dates since moving to Hawaii.

Police had found evidence that Nancy had opened a bank account at the Bank of Hawaii that day. When they talked to the teller who had assisted her, they said she had arrived sometime between 2:15 and 3 PM but believed it to be closer to 3 PM. After the police walked back to the apartment, they put Nancy’s time of death between 3:10 PM and 5:15 PM.

At first, the two salesmen were suspects. They were identified as Parker Graham and Jefferey Alward, and they volunteered fingerprints and took polygraphs eliminating them as suspects.

Other friends, ex-boyfriends, and co-workers in both Nancy and Jody’s life were interviewed, most giving fingerprints and taking polygraphs, eliminating them as suspects as well.

During the autopsy, it was discovered that Nancy had been stabbed sixty times with a total of sixty-three wounds, three being exit wounds. The murder weapon is believed to be a knife 10 millimeters wide and 60 millimeters long.

After months of no leads, Nancy’s case went cold.

In 2001 a DNA profile was made of the blood samples found in 1972. Three Different DNA profiles were found, two male and one female.

Between 2001 and 2004, all past suspects’ DNA was tested and were all eliminated as possibilities again.

Honolulu police also used DNA that they sent to Parabon NanoLabs, which specializes in DNA phenotyping, which is the process of predicting physical appearance and ancestry from unidentified DNA evidence. They were able to produce a projected sketch of the suspect.

In December of 2021, Hawaii cold case detectives got their first break in the case in almost fifty years. An anonymous tip came in that Tudor Chiria Jr should be a suspect in the case.

Tudor Chirila, now seventy-seven years old, was a lawyer in Reno, Nevada, and had previously run for the Nevada supreme court. In 1972, Chirila had lived less than three miles from Nancy Anderson. At the time, he was working as a graduate assistant attorney.

In 1995, Chirila was charged with kidnapping and assaulting a woman with whom he was in a relationship. She alleged that he had severally beaten her, trying to render her unconscious to assault her sexually. She managed to escape and press charges, but the case was never convicted.

The Hawaii Police department, in February 2022, requested the help of the Reno police in getting a sample of Chirila’s DNA, and they were unsuccessful in getting the DNA covertly.

So in March of 2022, they got help getting the DNA from Chirila’s son. After confirming his identity, he provided the sample on April 13, 2022.

On May 4, 2022, it was confirmed that he was the son of the unknown male, profile number 1, found in Nancy’s apartment.

A warrant was issued on September 1 to collect DNA from Chirila himself. On September 6, they got the sample.

Two days after the sample was collected, Tudor Chirila attempted suicide, and it is believed he will make a full recovery. On September 12, it was confirmed that the DNA found at the scene was Chirila’s.


Chirila was arrested and has been held in Reno, Nevada, without bail. Hawaii authorities are working on extraditing him, and that hearing is set for early December.

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