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Missing Woman Caitlin Denison Disappeared in Texas in 2018

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The last known contact was with her sister, and she said the man she was traveling with “makes me scared for my life.”

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In January 2018, nineteen-year-old Caitlin Denison was living in Reno, Nevada, when she abruptly told her family that she was flying to Texas to be with an unknown man. The two had met six months prior in Reno, and when he had to fly back to Texas after six months, she decided to go with him.

On January 10, 2018, Caitlin’s sister Rachael Denison received what would be the last time she heard her voice. Caitlin had called from a Walmart in Midland, Texas. On the call to her sister, she said that she wanted to come home and “this guy makes me scared for my life” she abruptly ended the phone call as the man approached. Caitlin sent her sister a pin of her location right after the phone call had ended.

No one heard from Caitlin again. Rachael went to the police and reported her sister missing the next day. Police have said they got positive sightings of Caitlin that day at the Walmart she called from and Rick’s Cabaret in Odessa, Texas. Caitlin was last seen wearing a fur vest over a black shirt, black leggings with braiding down the sides of the legs, and furry boots.

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A witness has come forward saying that they gave her a ride to her boyfriend’s house, which was another confirmed sighting of Caitlin.

Police have interviewed the unknown man. The information the man gave that has been released is that Caitlin had been looking for work and had been having a hard time because of her noticeable arm scares. That one day, he came home, and she and all of her stuff were just gone. When police went to interview this man again, he was nowhere to be found.

In August 2018, Rachael saw news footage of a ring doorbell of a woman in a t-shirt and arm restraints, and she thought it could have been Caitlin, as she had the same build and bone structure. The woman was later identified and was not Caitlin.

In this case, very little has been released to the public by police or covered in the media.

But in 2021, a Youtuber, Kendall Rae, released a video giving some more light on the case, causing a new detective to reopen the investigation. Midland Police detective Jennie Alonzo. “The case came back to light in November of 2021 because a YouTuber had put her case online, and so it came back to our knowledge that she was still missing,” Alonzo said. “I took on the case and believe that there were other avenues of approach that we didn’t do back in 2018 that we could do follow-ups on.”

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“I am just really thankful that we are finally able to communicate with someone who wants to listen to us, and keep us in the loop, and do everything they can and are still willing to retrace steps that we thought were missed,” Rachael Denison said.

It has been almost five years since Caitlin went missing. Her sister Rachael has never stopped the fight to look for her sister. They have an active Facebook page called Find Caitlin Denison and a GoFundMe in the hopes of getting a private investigator and flights to go down to Texas.

Police have given very little information to the family about what has been done to look for her. To this day, they still do not know the name of the man she went to meet.

Caitlin Denison would be Twenty-three years old today. At the time of her disappearance, she was five foot four, hundred and twenty pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes. She has an alien head, an M tattoo on her left knuckle, a libra scale tattoo on her right arm, and two piercings on her nose on both sides. A bottom lip piercing, a tongue piercing, and a medusa piercing. She has scars on her arms and legs.

Caitlin’s family and Texas Rangers have been working to find answers to her disappearance and are asking for the public’s help. If you may have seen Caitlin or know of her whereabouts or who she may have been with, please Contact Law Enforcement.

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