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Yoga Instructor Turned Most Wanted Fugitive Gets Plastic Surgery to Hide from U.S. Marshals

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Kaitlin Armstrong is accused of murdering Anna Wilson in a jealous rage
Kaitlin Armstrong before and afterPhoto byHarris County Sheriff's Office

On May 11, 2022, twenty-five-year-old Anna “Mo” Mariah Wilson was discovered deceased in a friend’s home in Austin, Texas. Wilson was a professional cyclist and was in Austin for a race. Earlier that evening, Wilson had gone out for dinner with a fellow cyclist and previous romantic partner.

The two weren’t currently seeing each other but had ended things amicably. After dinner, Wilson was dropped off at home.

Around 10 PM, a black Jeep Grand Cherokee was seen on video surveillance arriving at the house Wilson was staying at. The vehicle was only there briefly before leaving again. Shortly later, Wilson was found with several gunshot wounds, and Wilson was declared deceased at the scene.

The murder investigation quickly connects the shooting to Wilson’s ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend, Kaitlin Armstrong. In addition to Armstrong owning a black Jeep Grand Cherokee, she owned two firearms, one matching the shell casings found at the murder scene.
Anna “Mo” Mariah WilsonPhoto byDartmouth College Athletics

Through Wilson’s cellphone records, investigators could piece together a motive. Armstrong had likely discovered that her boyfriend had been seeing Wilson and had murdered her in a jealous rage. The boyfriend initially denied having any romantic connection to Wilson but, after seeing cellphone records, eventually admitted that he had been seeing the two women romantically and they didn’t know. However, it appeared that Armstrong figured out her boyfriend’s double life.

Armstrong was brought in for questioning the next day and was asked why her vehicle was seen on surveillance footage outside of a murder victim’s home, and she offered no explanation. Soon into the interview, Armstrong lawyered up.

Law enforcement had wanted to arrest Armstrong that day on suspicion of murder. However, there were some paperwork issues, and they were forced to release her.

Six days later, on May 17, they had an arrest warrant; however, when they showed up at her home, Kaitlin Armstrong wasn’t there.

They discovered that the thirty-one-year-old yoga instructor had been busy starting from the moment of her release. Armstrong had ID allegedly belonging to her sister, sold her vehicle for $12,000 cash, and had used that to travel from Texas to Costa Rica.

For forty-three days, Armstrong had been moving around Costa Rica. At that time, she had plastic surgery to alter her appearance, cut and colored her hair, and was jumping from hostel to hostel teaching yoga, where she could earn cash using a variety of aliases.

U.S. Marshals apprehended Armstrong at a hostel in Santa Teresa on June 29, 2022. When arrested, she denied she was Kaitlin Armstrong and was held in Costa Rica until her identity could be confirmed by fingerprint. From there, she was arraigned and deported back to Texas, where she remains in custody for the murder of Anna Wilson.

She pleaded not guilty and is currently held on a $3,500,000 bond. Her trial is scheduled for June 22, 2023. Additional charges and arrests may be made if law enforcement proves that Armstrong was assisted in fleeing the country.

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