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Has Law Enforcement Held Back Information on 25-Year-Old Missing Person Case?

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James Mclaughlin went missing in 1998 without a trace

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February 27th, 1998 was a cold winter day in Elyria, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb near Lake Eerie, surrounded by parks and forest preserves. On this day, fifty-seven-year-old James Mclaughlin disappeared from his Elyria home and has never been seen or heard from again.

While there are few details available to the public in this case, it seems clear that James did not simply walk out of his home one day to run away and make a new life for himself elsewhere. James was not well at the time of his disappearance, and he was under a doctor’s care for a condition that has been kept private, either due to the wishes of the police or James’s family. Some speculate that he may have had cancer, but it has not been confirmed.

We do know that whatever was wrong required regular prescription medication, yet he left his medication at home. James also could not have simply driven away to start a new life because he could not drive at the time of his disappearance and depended on rides from others as a means of transportation. His checkbook was also left behind, but it’s unclear if he had a wallet with him when he disappeared or if his bank account had any activity when missing. This information, too, is being kept confidential by police.

In an almost twenty-five-year-old case, we can’t help but wonder why so much information about this disappearance is being held back by the police. What are police holding back, and why? James would now be eighty-two-years old if he turned out to still be alive. There remains hope that someone out there may remember seeing James or may have information that will eventually lead to answers for his family.

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