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Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested After Killing Lover and Her Husband While They Slept

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The victims, Maria and Benison Tran’s teenage son, witnessed the murders

Devin Williams JrPhoto byimage Courtesy of Dublin PD

On September 7, around midnight, 911 dispatchers received a call saying that an intruder had broken into their Dublin, California, home. Six people were sleeping in the home at the time, and two shots had awoken the household.

The victims were the homeowners and married couple, forty-two-year-old Maria Tran and fifty-eight-year-old Benison Tran. Their fourteen-year-old son witnessed the shooting.

Another person in the home who was visiting recognized the intruder as Alameda Sheriff’s Deputy Devin Williams Jr. When Williams realized multiple witnesses had not only seen him but that he had also been positively identified, he fled the scene.

Maria and Benison were determined to be deceased at the scene.

Shock ran through the neighborhood. What had possessed a member of law enforcement to break in and murder a married couple in the middle of the night?

Williams is twenty-four years old and has been with Sheriff’s Office since 2021. There had been no concerns about his job performance or anything concerning during his time working. He had worked his usual shift earlier that day and also picked up an overtime shift at the Santa Rita Jail. He left work that evening at 11 PM. After his shift, he drove fifty miles to the Trans’ home and murdered them. Law enforcement is looking into what happened that day.

It was revealed that Williams and Maria had been dating for a few months. Maria was separated from her husband, but the two were still living together. Maria was a nurse and had met Williams at the John George Psychiatric Hospital.

Williams surrendered to law enforcement after eleven hours on the run. Which also revealed a possible motive for the slayings. According to Williams’ mother, her son hadn’t passed his probationary period, though she didn’t reveal why. She also stated that Williams’ was angry at Maria because she had lied about still being married. He had been led to believe Maria was a thirty-five-year-old single parent who was divorced.

In a statement to the media, she said, “I don’t condone anything that happened. Bottom line is right now, there’s a young boy that’s missing both his mother and father.”

Williams himself, nor any legal representative, hasn’t made any statements. He is currently being held in the Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County on charges of first-degree murder and second-degree burglary. No further court dates have been set yet.

It is believed that he used his service weapon to commit the murders, and he had thrown the weapon out of his vehicle while on the run, and law enforcement was unable to recover that weapon.

Maria Tran is remembered as a brilliant and caring nurse. Benison had worked for nearly thirty years as a civil engineer for the city of Santa Clara, and he had recently retired. Both were described as hardworking, generous, and kind individuals. They will be deeply missed by their community. A senseless act, whatever the reason, could never justify what happened to them.

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