The Things About Threes


I rubbed a lamp once and a genie popped out,

He put up three fingers and started to count.

He had this thing about Threes, that was his deal…

Before long, it was something I’d started to feel.

MJ won his rings Three at a time…

One for the spirit, the body, and mind.

From Oxford commas, to triangle lines

To rock-paper-scissors and Three-of-a-kind.

The Rule of Thirds makes a perfect picture, and video too.

But three strikes you’re out and that’s truer than true.

And I know its odd…. but even still,

Three makes everything feel more real.

I wanted to laugh and take it for kicks,

But to get back to Kansas, we need three clicks.

Two eyes to look with and that’s more than plenty.

But the third eye, my friend, sees 20/20.

Life, liberty, and the ultimate pursuit…

Blood, sweat, and tears — the ultimate truth.

Three times a lady, nothing less, nothing more…

And Lionel Richie ain’t been Black since the Commodores!

It takes two to make it out of sight...

But Three is good company… if I remembered that right?

Two times is lucky but a third? You’re on a roll.

And until that next hot streak… Peace, Love, and SOUL!

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