We Wear The Mask



We wear the mask that grins and lies,

With nothing to show but pain-stained eyes.

They’ve seen many what’s and not enough why’s,

Off-white, weepy, weary and wise.

At the end of the day they fall to the floor

While every night’s curfew is earlier than before.

But how can a virus with no cure

Be less a threat than the nigga next door?

6 feet away is what they say,

But 6 feet deep is where we lay.

As strange fruits hang, we watch them sway,

While we wear the mask day after day.

We put it on to riot and rage.

The mask has set this country ablaze.

Can’t tell us apart, and they never did ask,

So, nay, let ’em see us in the mask!

It rests on our face with our hearts on our sleeve;

While fire crackers pop, our bodies are heaved.

And when we shout that we cannot breathe,

It hides our mouth and muffles our speech.

I got another pandemic to try,

Let’s make empathy contagious, and don’t be shy.

Lock arms, hold hands, and expand our minds,

Then flip all this shit over, and see what we find.

We wear the mask, some way, some how

Matter fact, the masks are wearing us now.

It’s hiding our cheeks, as it grins and lies

Off-white, weepy, weary and wise.

We wear the mask.

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