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IHOP in Cocoa has new holiday flavors of pancakes out: which one would you pick?

Troy Arrandale
2021's new selection of Holiday pancakes are now out!my photo Nov 3, 2021

But don't get excited about this article lol. I won't cover myself eating these new delicious-looking IHOP pancakes! lol Just didn't want to lead you on with the headline there. For the newest holiday flavors, see the photo again and description further below!

Hey. I wish I could still eat these pancakes! For those of you who can, rush right over and tell me what they're like!

I'm writing this because another of my husband's and my regular eateries is the IHOP on Highway 520 in Cocoa near the I-95 crossover, about a mile away from our home.

And because it has other tasty food besides pancakes! Since he's eating no-grain and I'm going keto for our health, you wouldn't think we'd still eat here.

We stopped by there Wednesday evening November 2nd, and the place seemed to be "hopping" which we were glad to see.

The place was in a bit of disarray but the service, as always, was excellent. Our server for the past month or so, I kid you not, has always been the same one. I have absolutely no clue why that is lol. And she's a powerhouse!

Her name is Lynda Lue, and she was delighted when I told her, as we were headed out after finishing eating, that for our evening visit that time I was covering the experience for News Break. She immediately grabbed a pen and paper and spelled her name out for me so I could get it right for the article!

I definitely want to include her because she's been great at remembering our regular orders!

She always guesses my husband's correctly now since he loves getting the same thing. And she's quick to notice when our diet Pepsi's are low and to set new ones on the table without being asked!

I swear I don't know how she does it lately. I cant swear to this but at times when we've stopped by in the last few months she almost seems to be serving the entire dining area by herself! I've worked as a server in my teens and twenties and I know it takes a ton of energy!

My husband's regular order is "The Bacon Temptation" omelet. Here's what was left of the meltingly fresh and delicious thing before I finally remembered to snap a photo of it:
My husband's delicious, already plowed through, Bacon Temptation omelet. A marvel of ingredients!my photo nov 2, 2021

This photo does not do any justice to this marvel of an omelet at all! In that I've failed you as a journalist lol.

It's huge!

And I was so caught up in munching my own keto-fashioned, bunless Mega Monster cheeseburger with its side of juicy, fresh sliced tomatoes that I forgot!
My double-patty Mega Monster cheeseburger with no bun and extra fresh tomatoes side. My own hard boiled egg I brought for stupid keto reasonmy photo Nov 2, 2021

I'll explain the blue water bottle and hard-boiled egg in a minute.

For a lot of people, and it used to be this way for us too, it'd be hard going to a famous fabulous pancake place like IHOP and not eating the pancakes. But due to two cellular-health things we are both doing every day, our cravings for sweets and breads are now practically under control!

And it helps that their omelets, especially the Bacon Temptation, are soooo delicious!

The BT has so many fresh bacon pieces in it my husband is in heaven!

He used to order the Split Decision, with french toast and side of white toast. I remember how delicious that was too! I also know how absolutely fabulous their flavored syrups are!

Okay you talked to me into it. Here again is the photo of the fabulous new flavors offered this grand year of 2021:

The newest holiday pancake flavors at our Local IHOP in Cocoamy photo Nov 3, 2021

The Pumpkin Spice (well that doesn't have the word 'new' by it I see now), says real pumpkin, seasonal spices and creamy whipped topping. The new Winter Wonderland the blue one on the bottom, has shimmering blue vanilla swirl, mini marshmallows, and dusting of powdered sugar snow. And the new Cranberry Vanilla, has cranberry topping, creamy whipped topping and a dusting of powdered sugar snow.

Love these descriptions!

If I could eat one selection with no consequences whatsoever from an alternate fantasy universe, I think I'd go for the Winter Wonderland! Which one would you pick first?

Let me know in comments and if you get to eat one or more, tell me what it was like!

Lynda Lue, who handed me this plastic new menu of the holiday pancake selections told me that every year some new flavors are created, and she pointed out the new "Hand-Crafted Melts" shown on the back of it.

The one I'd pick to try if I had no health consequences, is the tantalizingly named "BBQ Mac Melt" with onion rings. I won't tell you the other two, why not stop in yourself and check it out.

Their front sign is currently on the blink, but they're right between the new Dunkin Donuts and Budget Inn.

(Oh, and they always let me bring my 'health accessories' in. In the picture of my burger, that's my electrolytes in the blue water bottle and my own hard boiled egg that I brought in in case I couldn't find a menu item to adapt into a keto selection for myself. But I needn't have worried. Those tomatoes I ordered on the side were the freshest I've tasted in a long time.)

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