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Everything was the opposite of scary on Halloween at Tusker House Restaurant

Troy Arrandale
The all-you-can-eat main dish at Tusker House. Three meats, four vegetables, (ours with no rice, like we asked for)My own photo, Halloween, 2021

Tusker House Restaurant in Disney's Animal Kingdom is one of our favorite restaurants, so we went today, Halloween.

Of course we were expecting some scary things at Animal Kingdom on Halloween, but never at Tusker House in Africa and we weren't disappointed.
Tusker House Restaurant, Africa, Disney's Animal KingdomMy own photo, Halloween Day, 2021

First, two days before, I updated the My Disney Experience app on my phone because of something new called Genie, which helped suggest and plan our itinerary. It was easy to book our Animal Kingdom reservation, then it asked for our top favorite interests so it would be able to make suggestions for our trip on the day of.

Since using it today, Halloween day, I really like it! More discussion on that will be in my other article or articles about our Animal Kingdom Halloween trip today.

We arrived at Tusker House's outside bar and check-in area about an hour early as it happened, and as one of the hostesses walked by me calling the last name of some party to be seated inside, I stopped her and let her know what time our Genie reservation was for. She was so kind to manually check us in early, even earlier than the scan code at her podium would have allowed us to!

Wow has Tucker House cheered up since our last visit!

The last time we were here was back in the searing heat of July or August, very unusual for us as we prefer the water parks in such heat, but there were no periodic hopping revolving character dance numbers then. Tonight there sure were!

Oh, the larger than life characters were there on our last visit, visiting (near) tables as usual but tonight they were dancing every so often throughout the place, with restaurant cast members clapping hands to the beat, really making it fun as we ate!

The 'scary' things were all about, too. Mostly visitors in bat and pumpkin t-shirts and mouse ears of all kinds. The guests didn't seem dressed up, although I did see one girl in the ladies' room dressed as Alice in Wonderland.

Within minutes of talking to the hostess who checked us in early, we were a new room we'd never been in before! We'd never known it existed with the four or five previous visits.

It was the "school room"!

Where the children of Harambe came to learn English, our hostess Marianne told us. I was delighted!

As I ate our magnificent food I began to learn a little Swahili, staring at the chalk board on the wall in front of me:
The blackboard inside the school room dining room of Tusker House, a cute new experience for usMy own photo, Halloween, 2021

Of course, I'd already heard some of these words on the Safari Ride many times. But I was so proud when I figured out the word "the" in Swahili: see the word "Kwa" both times at the top? I just know it means "The" Swahili and "The" English lol.

Our server was David and he appeared very quickly even though they seemed busy. Our little dietary quirks were honored with no issue. And he was there with a second round of diet cokes before we even needed to ask!

The starter was salad, and for the second round we asked for extra dressing and it appeared:

Then came our main dish, no rice please as hubby tries to be grain-free and I'm keto. Look at the headline photo. It had three delicious meats: rare beef, roast chicken, and absolutely wonderfully-spiced pork. The vegetables mixed in were enticingly hidden, waiting to be discovered: roast potatoes, corn, carrots, and green beans.

The smidge of chimichurri-like green sauce on top was to die for!

I could have ladled it into my mouth! But I didn't as it might have a bit of sugar in it and I take insulin, which I try to minimize as it's healthier.

Wow how could I forget to mention?

Previous to our visit this summer, for years Tusker House was a buffet restaurant. Now it's an all-you-can-eat place where the selections are brought to your table as you request them. David said they're cost-evaluating bringing the buffet style back at some point. And we've already visited our other favorite Disney buffet place, just ecstatic that they finally reopened, called Boma.

Tonight my husband had no complaints about the unscary delicious food!

He made short work of the rare beef, his favorite, the first time our main dish was delivered, complete with tongs for self-serving, and gave the thumbs up for the other meats as well. I absolutely loved the pork! I couldn't help making yummy noises as I chewed! And as green beans are completely a zero carb keto food, I just dove in with my fingertips and picked them out individually.

Yep! I can be rude that way! lol

Perhaps I was the scariest thing at Tusker House that evening!

My husband asked for the dessert selections and ate the grain-free portions:
The cupcake, the brownie, and the gluten-free item for dessert choices, concluding our dinner for two. It was all $55 per adult, without tipMy own photo, Halloween, 2021

That'd be the whip cream/icing on the cupcake, and the yellow gluten-free delight at the bottom.

We said good-bye to our favorite character there, at a proper social distance of course, and left.
Waving goodbye to Mickey, definitely a happy Halloween this year for us at Tusker HouseMy own photo, Halloween, 2021

Everything had been the opposite of scary, it was more fun than our last visit, and I for one was happy about that!

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