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Delicious Boba Tea Treats At New Shop in Hillsboro: 3 Best Drinks

Trista Signe Ainsworth

Bobo Tea House in Hillsboro Tea MenuPhoto by the author: Trista Signe Ainsworth

For many months I awaited the opening of Bobo Tea House! Finally, last Friday, I noticed it was open. My son and I love to get an end-of-the-week treat from time to time. It is fun to try out new drink places in the area. Each one has unique offerings.

It was their grand opening weekend, and many people were waiting in line for their unique tea drinks. It is a great addition to this strip mall because there are no other tea or coffee places here.

Their shop is a very long and narrow space with minimal decorations. Once indoor seating becomes feasible once again, it will be a great place to sit down and enjoy your tea.

I loved all the bright menu screens with clear menu item choices. It is easy to select your drink, ice level, sweetness level, and toppings.

It is a bright, clean and beautiful shop. Everything is very organized and spotless. I look forward to returning here many times in the future for delicious drinks.

One of the Menu Screens at Bobo Tea HousePhoto by the author: Trista Signe Ainsworth

Their main drink categories include Slush, Yogurt, Special Milk, Lemonade, Milk Tea, Fruit Tea, Yakult, Fresh Tea, and Cloud Fruit Tea.

Special milk teas include flavors along with creamy tea such as matcha, strawberry, and taro. I am excited to try one of these as they sound heavenly!

Cute Decorations at Bobo Tea House in HillsboroPhoto by the author: Trista Signe Ainsworth

The yogurt teas also sound delicious and refreshing. Some of the standout flavor choices are avocado, pineapple, and dragon fruit. The fruit and yogurt swirl together in these drinks.

I have never tried a tea drink made with Yakult before. Yakult is a Japanese sweetened, fermented milk beverage usually sold in small bottles. Some of the choices here include passionfruit, pomegranate, and orange. I'll bet they are delicious and refreshing!

Watermelon Cloud Fruit Tea from Bobo Tea House in Hillsboro, OregonPhoto by the author: Trista Signe Ainsworth

On this trip, I got the mango slush with salted cheese topping. I had never tried salted cheese, and I was intrigued by it. It is a thick, creamy topping that you can incorporate into your drink. Despite the name "cheese", it does not taste like cheese, rather it is like heavy cream. The mango and cream went well together, and both my husband and I enjoyed this combination.

For my son, I got the oreo slush with whipped cream topping. He loves oreo drinks, and he said this one is the best so far. Next time I will substitute a different topping since it comes with pearl boba. He usually prefers pudding toppings.

Oreo Slush from Bobo Tea House in HillsboroPhoto by the author: Trista Signe Ainsworth

The final drink we tried was the watermelon cloud fruit tea. The cloud is similar to the creamy salted cheese topping, and it forms a pretty delicious mound on top of the watermelon juice. The drink was fresh, sweet, and tasty.

They also have choices for levels of ice and sweetness, which I appreciate. Next time, I will lower the sweetness level on some of the drinks as an experiment.

They also have toppings to add to your drink for a small extra charge, like mango star jellies, red beans, pudding, and crystal boba, to name a few.

Menu Screen at Bobo Tea House in HillsboroPhoto by the author: Trista Signe Ainsworth

Their tea choices in drinks include black tea, green tea, and oolong tea.

I enjoyed Bobo Tea House. They had friendly service and lots of fascinating choices. I am looking forward to trying more of the tea selections as time goes on.

Entrance to Bobo Tea House in Hillsboro, OregonPhoto by the author: Trista Signe Ainsworth

I invite you to take a quick trip out for tea today at Bobo Tea House! They are conveniently located off of 185th near Trader Joe's and Safeway.

Bobo Tea House Location:

2317 NW 185th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124


Monday-Thursday: 12 pm to 8:30 pm

Fridays: 12 pm to 9 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 11 am to 9 pm

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