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The Best Pie in Town is Out in the Country: How to Get Your Slice

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Photo By the Author: Marionberry Mini Pie by The Pie Guy

If you love a drive in the country, this pie stand is for you! Located in North Plains, near Hillsboro, Oregon, the very best pie is waiting for you.

We first met The Pie Guy at the Hillsboro Sunday Farmer's Market. We were delighted by his delicious mini pies in many flavors. He is also at many other farmer's markets in Oregon, including Oregon City and Forest Grove.

However, we did not know until last year that he also sold pies from his very own front porch!

It has been such a treat to take a drive out there about once a month. We are always surprised and delighted by the selection of flavors.

Nowadays, the only dates my husband and I go on are "errand dates." We usually do all of our weekend errands together so that we can chat and spend time together. We have made it through nearly a year of this pandemic by finding ways to enjoy what is in our area.

The Pie Guy is an important part of our weekend rounds lately. On the way, we speculate what kinds of flavors of the pie will be available. It is a fun game to play!

We often say that this pandemic has been easier to get through with pie!


Photo by the Author: The Pie Guy Sign, Bags, and Towels for Packing Up Your Pies.

We first heard about his roadside stand from our friend, a volunteer sheriff for Washington County. He told us that he and his friends loved to pick up a pie from the little mini-fridge on the Pie Guy's porch.

There is a clear, colorful sign touting homemade pies on the road leading to the Pie Guy's home.

The beautiful part of any outing is to see the vast countryside and farms along the way.


Photo by the Author: A Lucious Slice of Chocolate Cream Pie by The Pie Guy.

It is always a surprise to see what flavors he has available. His pie choices vary seasonally, depending on the ingredients he has on hand.

Sometimes if you ring the doorbell, there may be more flavors you can choose. Many times there is a little table stacked with mini pies just inside the door on the weekends. Ring the bell, and someone can help you with more selections.

Near the door, there is a small table with the Pie Guy sign. Walk up the steps to the porch, and you will find a small mini-fridge filled with packaged, labeled mini pies.


Photo by the Author: Mini Fridge and Payment Slot on the Porch.

Each mini pie is currently $7.00.

After you have made your selections, put cash into the slot of the payment box. It is easy to pick up some treats quickly this way!

His pies also make a great gift. We contacted him during the holidays, and he printed us some gift certificates to give to our friends.

Some of the flavors he offers regularly are pecan, apple, strawberry rhubarb, chocolate cream, marionberry, blackberry, key lime, pumpkin, banana cream, coconut cream, razzleberry, blueberry peach, cherry, brumbleberry, and more.

I love the mini pies because it is an excuse to get at least two or three to sample different flavors. You can make small slices and have a pie buffet all on one plate!

It is always exciting to see what flavors are on offer in the mini-fridge! We have had the pleasure of enjoying many but not all of the flavors yet. As the seasons roll on this year, we look forward to trying more.

He buys local fruit to use in his pies. Last year I gifted him two bags of chopped rhubarb because I grew too much in our garden.


Photo by the Author: A Slice of Delicious Marionberry Pie with Crumb Topping by The Pie Guy.

I love his soft, flakey crust and the crumb toppings he uses on his fruit pies.

My son's favorite pie is chocolate cream. It has a generous amount of creamy chocolate filling topped with fresh whipped cream. He always smiles and says: It is the best pie ever!

My two favorites are the key lime and the marionberry. I love the creamy, tart, sublime flavor of the key lime pie, while the marionberry is sweet and tart all at the same time.


Photo by the Author: The Mini Pies are Packaged and Labeled. These Pies We Picked up Last Weekend.

If you need a bigger pie for a celebration or a gift, The Pie Guy can make you one if you order it ahead of time. We were able to gift our friend a strawberry rhubarb pie after her surgery last year.

If you need a spring pick-me-up, these pies are perfect for you! I invite you to head out to the countryside for a delicious adventure! You will be glad you did!

Here is everything you need to know for your next pie adventure:

Pie Guy Location: 19441 NW Dairy Creek Rd, North Plains, OR 97133

Hours: Open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Pie-Guy-990846617608515/

Phone Number: (503) 809-9999

You can special order medium or large pies for holidays, birthdays, and more.

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