How to Become Your Own Best Friend

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Meeting the “self” activates the transformation of human consciousness. ― Caroline Myss

There used to be days when I would cry a lot. I thought it was because there were long-distance friends who I missed dearly. That was part of it.

Many years had passed, and I had not yet found new friendships where I was. Even as time passed and I made an effort to make dear friends where I lived, there was still a longing in my heart. Something was missing.

If this sounds like you, I intend that my story will help you reclaim your inner power. You deserve to have personal freedom and a life you love.

Your life is unique, and you have talents to share. Do not doubt that you are here to complete a mission.

Becoming your own best friend is a way to help you do this. I hope that my personal story will inspire you to keep going.

It seemed that every year that went by, that strange longing was still there. There were always events, gatherings, meetings, phone calls, and more that would fill up my calendar.

I would always keep myself busy to cover up the pain. I felt deeply alone, and I did not know why.

Uncovering layer upon layer of activity became the process that brought me personal freedom.

I went about my days working away, trying to fill the hours. There would always be something to do, somewhere to be. Little did I know I was covering up something deep in my soul.

The workaholism, perfectionism, the filling up of time, those were all of my habits meant to keep the pain at bay.

The guilt, the things I thought I should do, the things I had to do were all there as a shroud, covering up my true self.

I know that you may cover up your true feelings. We work too much or fill up our days with activities just so that we can avoid suffering.

I found that my habit of working all of the time was not serving me anymore.

My spirit waited patiently, knowing I would be there someday.

There is something you have deep inside called an inner being. In this way, you are never alone.

It is something I did not know until this past year came around. The complete halt of activities helped me to discover the light waiting to bring me home.

This year was my saving grace. Everything came to a screeching halt. That sound of silence, the empty calendar, the loss of obligations, the gatherings that did not happen are my greatest gifts.

Now I see clearly that my best friend has been waiting right here.

She was always there to love, guide, and help me over every obstacle in life.

Your inner being is the voice that helps you on your darkest days. It is there to tell you how to get unstuck.

If you have a difficult day and do not know where to turn, get quiet and still. Go out into nature. Your inner being will bring a sign for you.

I had a moment this morning where I did not know what to write. I heard a faint whisper to look out the window. Then, I knew that I could write about nature.

There is always an answer for you if you get still and listen to the moment.

There is a worn path in the grass of our back garden. That is the journey of silent walks I have taken with myself.

Here, we are free. The guilt, shame, and worry that I carried around with me for years have evaporated into the morning mist.

Every day I commune with myself, my best friend. I now know I am a loving being, no matter what. I have so much to give through my words, my art, and my creativity.

There is not anything else I must do other than be myself.

That is freedom. The freedom to let go of everything so that you can find yourself.

I thank the silence, the emptiness of this year, for the time to heal. I will be forever grateful for these moments.

They have brought me home. I now have the spirit to carry on my mission of love to every person I encounter.

I know now that my inner being wanted me to be lead to writing. Sometimes our lives seem like a long, twisting road that does not make sense.

However, if we look closer, we can see that sometimes we do not listen to our inner voice. Then, we take another detour.

Through those stops on our path, we learn lessons. They repeat until we understand them.

I feel that we all deserve to find our authentic selves. These past few months have allowed me to discover my inner being. It is there to guide, teach, and provide shelter to my soul.

All of the acceptance and love I was seeking outside of myself was there all along.

At many points in our lives, we reach outside for answers.

However, there is a voice inside of us that contains all we need to know. Your best friend is waiting to help you.

We can fall into the trap of social media, climbing ladders of achievement, and other ways of seeking approval. Those may seem satisfying for a moment, but our hearts are left empty afterward.

When I left social media behind in the late spring of 2020, it felt like I was finally coming back to being myself. Instead of thinking about what photos would garner the most likes, I was free to be me.

My beautiful loved ones and friends all compliment my inner being and are there to point out more ways I become more of myself. I now know that we are all complete, just as we are.

That light inside of you is waiting to shine. If you slow down enough in life, you will see it.

Your best friend is waiting for you.

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