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If you expect your money to take care of you, you must take care of your money. -Suze Orman

Yesterday I did something of my own accord. It was something that I never thought would excite me. I sat down at my laptop and got all of my business accounting up to date, and I found myself having fun! How did this happen to me? Yet, there I was, giddy over deciding what color to assign to any expenses related to education.

Over the last two weeks, I took tiny steps towards becoming more comfortable with taking care of my money. On the surface, it seems like something that I should have done long ago.

I have a beautiful example of my husband, who taught me the value of living below our means, and we always have extra to share. However, I had to take a journey on my own to discover how to manage my business finances. On my journey of abundance each day, I learn something new to share so that we all may become abundant.

I decided to finally take charge of my money because it is paramount to take care of what we are given. If we honor our money, it will grow for us. More will show up for us to take care of if we prove we can be a good steward of our finances.

It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone. — Abraham-Hicks

I believe that this is true. If we create abundance through our creativity in business or our jobs, we can offer more to everyone else. In these two weeks of working with my money and being grateful for it, I have finally learned why I want to thrive.

I want to succeed for myself and for others. I want to help others be uplifted along with me. This circulation of abundance is only possible if I use my creativity to create the overflow I need to help others.

I know for sure that I need to do this work every day. I have some old programs running in my brain. Those tell me that I must remain small, that the system is against me, and that thriving is not for me. To install a new program into my consciousness, I must work with and appreciate my money each and every day.

If you have old programming like me, you know that you need to upgrade your system. To do that, I encourage you to work with your money in some small way every day.

Here is the simple way I created my spreadsheets and made a contract with myself to take good care of my money.

  1. Print out or collect your receipts and any documents showing money coming in like paystubs or a printed paper. Put expenses in one pile and incoming in another.
  2. Create a Google sheet. I love all of the google documents you can create for free. You can even share them with family members if you are working towards money goals.
  3. I simply created one row of income and one row of expenses.
  4. For both income and expenses, I have three columns: Name, Date, and Amount.
  5. Each time you record an expense or income, on the receipt, or document, write: “Thank you.” I also added a smiley face. I am grateful for money coming in and going out. It is circulating.
  6. You can fill in the rectangle on the Google sheet with a different color for each category. It’s so much fun!
  7. For the final step, add up each type of expense or income below each category. If you have a business, you can subtract your expenses from your income to find your profit. Congratulations!
  8. Now that you have a spreadsheet set up: print out your documents and receipts, and enter them in at the end of each week.

I also encourage you to create a contract that you sign about how you will treat your money. At first, this seems a bit silly. But when you promise yourself something, it becomes something real.

Here is an example of a personal money contract:

“I promise to take good care of and be grateful for my money. Each week I will print out my receipts and documents and enter them into my spreadsheet. Five days a week, I will log on to my online bank account and thank my money. I can say a prayer or intention to my money silently or out loud. I will transfer $_____ to savings every week/month. I will donate $____ to _________________ every month that I have extra money once my expenses are paid, so that I may continue to circulate my abundance.”

Signed: _____________________ Date: _______________________

My promise to you is that you will find joy in accounting with this method. Ever since I started using this method, I have seen my earnings and savings grow. Because I am aware of where my money is going, I respect and honor it more.

I have been able to give Kiva loans every month, as well as save money. I know what my expenses are and how much extra I have to invest and give.

Kiva loans are a great way to give to charity. The money goes to those who are empowering themselves to grow a business or start a community project. When money is paid back to you, you can loan it out again.

The magical, circular nature of these loans is what makes them unique. I love that I can keep loaning the same money. It helps more and more people to grow their dreams.

When you empower yourself to use your money wisely, more will come to you.

My intention for you today is to come up with a system to take care of your money. This will not only bring you peace of mind, but it will also help you and others thrive together. We can all use our creativity to help everyone on the Earth be uplifted and grow as one human family.

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