How to Grow Personally in 2021: 3 Powerful Ways To Change

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Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.Author-Poet Aberjhani

Just yesterday, as I was wandering around the garden, I spotted something bright pink on the ground. As I came closer, I removed some dead leaves from around it. It was my rhubarb plant, emerging from the dark winter!

As I began to brush more leaves away, I saw more pink and green shoots ready to shoot up. I believe that plant had an important message to share with me. It told me that we are all ready for a growth spurt.

We are preparing ourselves for something big.

It is still winter here in the Northern hemisphere, a time of preparation, rest, and focus on what is ahead. The day starts very darkly. We are hopeful and excited about this new year, but we still need to rest.

Like the rhubarb, I find myself still slumbering a little bit among the darkness, just as the leaves covered over its new shoots. I wake up later than I do in the spring and summer.

It is all a natural rhythm.

Amongst all of the excitement for the new year, we can give ourselves grace if we require more rest. We can take things slowly and see how they unfold. We can take a cue from the rhubarb, coming out into the light, a little bit at a time.

Every day I have a swirling storm of ideas and projects in my head. They all sound like a good idea. However, I have learned lately to pay attention to the ones I feel like doing the most.

In our western society, they do not teach us to honor the winter season. There is a message of the need to take constant action every single day. That is not the way of nature.

The rhubarb whispered to me yesterday:

Take your time and do what feels best to you.

When we learn to honor our growth cycles, life slows down so that we can enjoy it and grow with it. I noticed that sometimes I need to wait for the right time to do a project.

Recently I got some watercolor paper. I have a faint idea about something I want to paint. It has not fully formed yet.

I will wait on it and let the ideas percolate for a while.

I have a feeling something grand is coming for all of us. Now we are preparing for growth. Allow yourself to feel your way through your days. There is more than enough time.

You are here to share your light, and you are gaining momentum right now.

Here are three ways you can prepare for growth right now.

Take idea walks:

Walks out in nature help those percolating ideas come to life. As you walk, just let your mind wander. I often come up with article titles, poem ideas, or art projects while walking around outside. Words and images will float around in my mind, ready to be created.

I also find that if I listen to uplifting podcasts while walking, it also activates ideas in my mind. I play around with those ideas sometimes for several days before I decide to act on them. It is a beautiful process. It allows you time to formulate your thoughts.

Just like nature does not force everything to grow all at once, there is no need to force ourselves to take action all at once.

Do Some Pottering:

Pottering is wandering around in your home or space, looking at things, and doing little projects as you see fit. I learned the term from a British friend, and I love it. It is a low-pressure activity.

Just yesterday, I went into our garage to put some things away. I noticed some things on our shelves that we no longer need. I filed it away as something to take a look at later.

For quite some time, I thought about going back into our garage to see what else I could give away. However, I found I needed to rest more. Now I know the time is right for me to explore this area. I feel excited to delve into this project now!

When we wait for the right time, our actions will be more inspired.

Decide to Put Some Things On Hold:

Right now, writing has taken on a large role in my life. I am so thrilled that 2020 gave me a chance to become a writer.

Yesterday my dear friend told me how proud she was of me for all of my writing thus far. That brought such joy to my heart. It has been a beautiful journey this past year.

I am deeply grateful for 2020 for allowing me the time and the space to become a writer. Every day I learn and improve.

Most of my focus is on writing and preparing to publish a book this year. That means that my organizing business is on hold right now. Some days I feel strange about this. Other days I know it is the right thing to do.

The lesson here is that it is okay to let go of things sometimes. It does not mean that it is forever. Your focus can change.

Your inner being is pointing you towards where your light needs to shine.

I have decided to maintain my business with what I have right now. When I have an inspiration to offer something else, I will. Otherwise, writing is my focus at this time.

My prayer and my intention for you today is for you to take inspired action. When you feel called to do something, try it out. In this winter period, you are preparing for enormous growth.

I see that rainbow coming this year. It is here for all of us.

We make up all of the light waves that form the colors.

You will see that your actions, when inspired, will yield fantastic results. What inspired actions do you feel called to take today?

What inspired action will you take today?

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