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Ahead of the game in the customer service department

Leaving 151 Coffee with my Christmas ChaiPhoto byTrisha Faye

In 2017 the coffee scene in north Texas began to change. There was a new kid in town.

First opening in North Richland Hills, the new player in the coffee world was 151 Coffee.

Their motto – It’s a Good Day to have a Good Day.

Six years and seven stores later, 151 Coffee is proving that they’re here to stay. They’re here to deliver delicious coffee and tea beverages to their customers. They’re here to bring smiles to faces as they serve frosty or steaming drinks.

151 Coffee now has eight locations open in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

· North Richland Hills

· Flower Mound

· Plano

· Alliance/Fort Worth

· Keller

· Coppell

· Lewisville, and

· Roanoke

Three more stores are slated to open in 2023 in Burleson, Rowlett, and The Colony.

Watch out world – 151 Coffee is growing and also stretching outside of the Texas border. Six locations are planned for the near future in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

There’s a reason for the popularity of this new coffee brand. It isn’t just the coffees. It isn’t just the teas. It’s the people. The baristas taking the orders, mixing the drinks, and dispensing the cups to the customers. The ones that have a smile on their faces. The ones that soon learn the regular customers by name and by drink. The ones that dispense smiles along with the drinks.

The people behind the beverages are one of 151 Coffee’s biggest assets. Their customer service goes above and beyond that of any place I’ve been. The people exude 151 Coffee’s motto – It’s a Good Day to Have a Good Day.

At work with my 151 drink, smiling because of the message they wrote on my cup that morning.Photo byTrisha Faye

Living in Roanoke, I visit that location, which opened July 2020. I spoke with the Roanoke manager, Brady Clayton, about how he began working at 151 Coffee.

Clayton said that he was living and working in Colorado when Covid-19 hit the USA and brought life as we know it to a standstill. He returned home to Texas and started working at 151. His first day was Halloween 2020.

Over two years later, he’s still at 151 and is currently the manager of the Roanoke location.

Why is he still here?

Clayton said, “As a 151 Coffee employee, you have the freedom and the luxury to be your genuine self. You can make a daily impact on the guests and put a smile on their faces. That is the best part.”

When asked about their most popular beverage, Clayton reported that the 151 Caramel Macchiato is the most popular. Another drink that is unique to 151 is their West Coast Coffee.

Being a West Coast gal before I moved to Texas, the name caught my attention. I scanned the menu, looking to see what was in a West Coast coffee. I couldn’t find one.

Puzzled, asked Clayton about it. “It’s a white chocolate salted caramel latte. It’s on our secret menu.”

“You have a secret menu? Like my favorite burger place?” I asked.

Clayton admitted that yes, 151 Coffee has a secret menu too. “It’s not posted, or public. But all you have to do is ask anyone about it. Stop in and ask anyone what their favorite drink on the secret menu is.”

I’m not a coffee drinker, so I can’t report on how the coffees taste, but my better half is addicted to their Mocha Frappe – with chocolate drizzle – and has one every day. (Just a note, caramel drizzles are also available)

I have tried some of their smoothies and tea drinks. Some I really like are Georgia Peach (Strawberry and Peach infused tea), Mojito (Coconut, lime & Crème de Menthe infused tea), Caramel Apple smoothie, Kowabunga smoothie (Green Apple, Kiwi & Banana), and a Cotton Candy shake (Blue raspberry & White Chocolate).

There are two other drinks that are my all-time favorites, depending on the season.

A year ago, during the Christmas season, I drove through to get better half’s Mocha Frappe. A sign was out announcing their ‘Christmas Chai’. I love chai teas, so I tried it. And fell in love. 151 Coffee puts their own twist on a chai tea latte by adding a bit of hazelnut and peppermint bark.


I fell in love and haven’t looked back.

Until one day when Amanda suggested something new for me. Adding a bit of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

I always blame her now for complicating all my future orders. If you like chai tea lattes, you’ll definitely want to give this one a try. I don’t think I could go back to the other. You won’t find the Christmas Chai on the menu board either. It’s another of their secret menu items.

The Christmas Chai is my favorite - until it gets hot.

Once the temps in Texas amp up and we’re in the 90’s and 100’s, then I switch to my other favorite drink – a Pomekazi. A tea infused with pomegranate and peach. I always get mine with green tea, but you can choose between green or black tea. They use Harney & Sons, so you know you’re getting a top-notch tea drink.

If you haven’t tried 151 Coffee, I highly recommend them. Stop in the next time you drive by and try out a coffee, tea, shake, or even a hot chocolate.

My friend, Joy Ditter, swears by the hot cholates from 151. One day when I walked into work carrying my 151 cup, she asked if it was hot chocolate. When I told her it was a Christmas Chai, she replied, “You need to try their hot chocolates. They are the best I’ve ever tasted.”

Stop by and give 151 Coffee a try.

Look for the flags and the signature red umbrellas. That’s how I know how to turn in at the proper drive in Roanoke. Most locations are lined with American and Texas flags, proudly welcoming you in. I’ve heard that the Plano location has a huge flag towering over the building, waving the USA glory high in the air above.

Raising my iced Pomekazi in salute to my favorite Roanoke 151 peeps as I leave.Photo byTrisha Faye




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