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The Best Little Diner in Torrington-- Tony's Westside Restaurant

Tricia Chadwick

Have a Homecooked Meal, Out! They even do the dishes.

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"We will do everything we can to make each and every meal you have with the Tony's family, be as memorable and delicious as possible." --Tony's Westside Restaurant

Looking for a break from the endless dirty dish pile in the sink? Tired of your own cooking? Tony's Westside in Torrington is ready to serve you a delicious homecooked meal, with zero work for you! 
The pandemic has been a challenge for the restaurant industry. But many local restaurants are surviving and thriving due to the hard work and determination of their owners and employees.

Tony's owner Greg Veras, "busts his butt every day to make sure this business does well!" according to his daughter Jillian Leigh. "I am proud of him and the business he has sustained during this hard time." 

Tony's Westside Restaurant has been open since 1949 but was purchased by Greg and Janet Veras in 1990. It is a fixture in a small city like Torrington. 

Tony's is incredibly popular and has been voted best Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, as well as Best Burger and Friendliest Staff in the Register Citizen Reader's Choice Awards. And let me tell you, Torrington people take breakfast seriously, so that title is a big deal!

As a kid, Tony's was a frequent choice for our family. The meals were always delicious and generously portioned. The checkerboard floor and counter give the restaurant the 1950s feel I have always loved as a fan of the movie Grease. 

Jillian Leigh is a fan of the restaurant as well, telling me, "it's my favorite place in Torrington- although I may be biased! Haha." She hopes to own the restaurant someday, keeping it in the family. I hope so, too, as generations of Torrington residents can pass on the memories of meals out at Tony's Westside to their children.

At Tony's, they make their meals with quality ingredients, and the results are in the food. Breakfast options are popular, although the lunch options are excellent too. The reviews for Tony's on Google speak to the quality of the food and service.

Karen Krupinski
Very friendly atmosphere, good food, both breakfast and lunch. Clean, quiet, and very pleasant.
Tobin Bernier Local Guide
I love Tony's because the people there are super nice and they know how to make my eggs. I know they offer a vast variety of plates, but I always order the same thing, and they are still just as friendly and professional as the first day I walked in there. The bacon is spectacular, and believe me, you have options there too... just ask them. Good coffee, nice smiles .... and if you're lucky enough, you'll catch the price is right after let's make a deal.
Jennifer Colon
Love it...the best breakfast place I've gone to...I need to go for lunch.😊
Ervin Jones
Local Guide · 76 reviews · 15 photos
It's a cute diner in the middle of nowhereThe food is delicious, and the staff was very friendly would recommend to anyone.
Daneen Lataif
The absolute best bacon I've ever had! The best breakfast in Litchfield County! So clean, so consistent! Great waitstaff! A+++

I also would be remiss if I didn't include my embarrassed apology. In a previous article, I incorrectly stated that Tony's was a victim of the pandemic and would be closing. I am grateful that Jillian Leigh, the restaurant owners' daughter, contacted me with the correct information. She rightfully stated that a mistake like the one I made could cause a small business owner to lose their business, and I certainly agree.  I hope to rectify this mistake by sharing the great aspects of Tony's Westside Restaurant.

Visit soon and try the cream cheese stuffed waffles. That is definitely my next order!

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