With Heated Storage, You Can Weather Any Storm

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Don’t end up with a locker full of useless garbage.

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Are you looking into renting or purchasing a storage unit, but you don’t know much about them? Are you concerned that you’ll miss a critical detail and get the wrong one?

One report from Statistia shows more than 47 thousand storage facilities in the US. That’s a lot of units to choose from.

If you consider how much heat and cold can affect your belongings, you might be wondering if you can get a climate-controlled unit. Here are the benefits of having heated storage units.

Why Have Heated Storage Units?

Most of what people put in a storage unit will benefit from a controlled climate. If you are only storing outdoor furniture or garden equipment, you may be able to get away without heat for storage.

Many parts of the country are experiencing extreme weather changes. The temperature range from summer to winter is huge, and that can affect your belongings. Most heated storage facilities will have better ventilation, providing additional protection for your goods.

One of the main benefits of heated storage is the peace of mind you will have, knowing that your treasures have protection from the elements. If you create your own storage area, add a storage heater for extra protection.

Business Records Need Protection

If you use a storage unit for your business, consider paying the extra cost to acquire heated storage. Your records contain sensitive information that you might need in the future.

If you store inventory or supplies in your storage unit, it’s essential to keep them dry and in a controlled environment. Retail merchandise is very sensitive to temperature changes.

If you are storing electronic equipment such as computers, ensure that you keep them in a facility with good air quality to prevent damage.

Wood Furniture Is Susceptible to Damage

You may think a storage unit that keeps your furniture dry will protect it from damage, but that’s not the case. Wood is very sensitive to extremes in temperature. Over time it will swell and dry out, causing it to crack and split.

Heated storage is essential to protect other wooden items as well. That might include a musical instrument, cabinet, or wooden bowls.

What About Humidity?

When you are storing your belongings, storage heat may not be the only consideration. Humidity levels measure the amount of water vapor in your air. High levels of humidity can quickly cause damage to electronics, paper, or fabrics.

These conditions encourage mold and mildew to develop, and items may be permanently damaged. Rust is another result of high moisture in the air, so be aware that tools and other equipment are at risk.

Pesky Pests

When you put your belongings into storage, the last thing you want is to have mice or other vermin move in as well. A well-ventilated unit with heat for storage is more likely to have strategies to keep out pests.

Make an Informed Decision

Now that you understand the value of heated storage units, you realize the extra cost is worth the added protection your belongings will receive.

Attribution: LifeStorageBlog, Statistica

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