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Respite From the Rain in Seattle

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It rains in Seattle. A lot. 

About 38 inches of wet stuff falls every year. There can be long stretches of dreary weather in the winter where you yearn for sunshine. 

Some days it feels like there will be no end to the grey. But there is hope. One restaurant has created a space that is sure to lift your spirits.

When you walk in, you are greeted with the light and openness in an airy space and your eyes are attracted to fresh greenery. A wall of palm fronds to transport you to Southeast Asia.

Stateside is the cure for grey sky blues.

It’s a place where everyone feels welcome. 

Located on Capitol Hill, this restaurant offers a wide variety of Vietnamese fusion delights.

Begin with a cocktail. The Coconut is a great choice. Close your eyes and take a sip. The flavors of lime leaf and galangal mixed with fresh fruit and rum will transport you to somewhere tropical.

  • What’s galangal? It’s a root that is sometimes known as Siamese Ginger. It’s a spicy member of the ginger family and has a bit of a zingy herbal flavor. It’s the secret ingredient in many Thai dishes. 

If you’re not fussy about rum, another great cocktail choice is the Rose Colored Glasses, which is made with lychee-infused gin.

The staff is friendly and full of fun, which is part of the reason why you can relax here. Why so serious? You can sit back and enjoy the experience.

They are open for both brunch and dinner, with quite different menu offerings at each time.

The dinner menu offers crispy duck rolls, which are fried duck wrapped in fresh herbs and rice paper. There are also tender braised pork ribs coated in a chili and cumin seed crusty rub that enhances the crispiness of the pork fat.

There’s also a choice of crispy fresh Dungeness crab rolls wrapped in rice paper and fresh herbs.

The Butternut squash and Yuba salad is a delicious vegetarian option, with white mushrooms, pepitas, and Thai basil vinaigrette.

Curried pumpkin is braised with dried Yuba or try the Tumeric Rockfish, which is a delicious white fish marinated in turmeric and galangal (that zesty ginger-like ingredient).

Crispy Free-range Chicken poached in aromatic stock is one of the larger dishes available now, as is the Tamarind Braised Beef with brown butter roasted sweet potato puree.

Creative fried rice options include traditional Jasmine Fried Rice with egg, market vegetables, and chili crisp, Grilled Pork Collar Jasmine Fried rice with market vegetables and chili crisp, and Dungeness Crab Jasmine Fried rice.

Deserts include Chocolate Cream Torte and three varieties of Creamsicles, Cherry, Tea, or Coffee. There is also Lemon Grass Ice Cream and Brown Butter Ice Cream. All of these are delicious choices to cool your palette after your meal.

For the young crowd, there’s a kid's menu with a wide variety of favorites, including Hot Dog fried rice, Tater Tots, Popcorn Chicken, and two kinds of Pizza Rolls.

This is a great restaurant for a celebration. Bring your wife for her anniversary and let them treat her with kindness and hospitality.

It’s a great location for groups or a birthday celebration. It makes a great spot for a date or even just a get-together with old friends.

Note that it can get noisy as the evening goes on. That can make intimate conversations challenging for some. If that’s a problem for you, no worries, make an early reservation and enjoy your visit before the larger groups arrive.

Due to Covid, Stateside Restaurant is only offering take-out or delivery options but we know they will be opening again as soon as they can. In the meanwhile, see their full menu options and order today.

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