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Seattle Groups Support Food Security and You Can Too

Tree Langdon

The Urban Food Project is an initiative I've been working on to increase food security in the Seattle area.

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We want to make connections with passionate gardeners and discovered there are already lots of groups out there doing the same thing.

The best way to learn is by sharing your experiences and talking about projects in your local community.

I believe joining an existing project has the potential to become a powerful way to initiate support of food security for those living in larger urban centers.

Let's build a community and connect with other gardeners in the area.

Let’s discover and share resources, including books and videos as well as personal experiences with creating and supporting Urban Food in your city.

Writing about your experience is one way to encourage others to join in.

Your articles can include a wide range of topics or subjects including:

  • Book reviews
  • Stories about initiatives in your city with links to relevant news articles or resources.
  • Interviews and discussions with leaders in your city
  • Concrete steps you or others are taking to improve the Urban Food situation.
  • Initiatives to teach people how to make soup, for example, or create meals with local foods that are available.
  • Strategies to distribute excess food, rather than throwing it out.
  • How to secure the use of vacant land for community gardens.
  • Creation of balcony size garden kits from inexpensive, easy-to-find materials.
  • Any other relevant topic or subject related to Urban Food.

Go wild! Surprise us with your creative ideas!

This is your invitation to join us as we share our experiences and discover projects in our communities.

Join a group and work with other interested gardeners.

You can do as much or as little as you are able to. Community groups welcome your participation.

The Beacon Food Forest is a permaculture project created for the Community.

They are a unique initiative focused on growing food in Seattle and sharing it with anyone who contacts them.

The Forest Project has been run by volunteers since it began in 2010. They are always looking for people to get involved and invite you to participate.

You can attend a virtual meeting, just listening at first, and if you are excited by what you hear, put your hand up and join our team.

We have a core group of volunteers that are welcoming and enjoy meeting new people.

We've organized our volunteers into six major team groups, so have a look and see what interests you.

Site Development Team

This group is our largest and is the place for most volunteers. When you're not sure, start here and see how it goes.

If you want to become a leader with our Project, come to our Site Development meetings and you can help plan work parties and other activities.

  • We meet every other Tuesday, 6:30-8 p.m, on Zoom.
  • Contact us to be added to the email list to get the Zoom link for meetings.

Education Team

This group of hard workers organizes and plans classes and other educational opportunities at the Forest. They organize signs and other informational initiatives. You can volunteer to teach a class or help out by finding teachers willing to participate.

  • If you have a great idea for a class and are willing to teach it, come to the meeting and tell the team.
  • We meet every second Wednesday, 6:30-8 p.m., on Zoom.
  • Contact us to be added to the email list to get the Zoom link for meetings.

Community Development Team

This team works in the community. If you join this great group of people, you'll work with our Outreach Coordinator. We share information with the greater community, partner with local organizations, update social media and come up with ideas and suggestions to enhance our image in the community.

  • We meets every other Tuesday, 6:30-8 p.m., on Zoom. 
  • Contact us to be added to the email list to get the Zoom link for meetings.

Pollinators Team

If you are fascinated by bees, joined the “Bee Team”. We take care of the hives and enhance the pollinator species that grow on the Farm. All equipment is supplied and we will train you so you'll stay safe around the bees.

  • We meet as needed.. 
  • Contact us to be added to the email list or to get the Zoom link for meetings.

Plants & Pruning Team

An important group that makes some of the big decisions around which plants to choose for the site, this group monitors plant health and works with the Site Development team. We also plan annual activities such as fruit tree pruning. We are the stewards of the Forest.

  • We meet as needed on Mondays, 6:30-8 p.m., on Zoom.
  • Contact us to be added to the email list to get the Zoom link for meetings.

Nutrition Team

We receive a lot of food donations and this group takes care of coordination of the food for large work parties. Many local businesses are excited to participate by donating food and you will learn how to setup and serve lunch for the work parties.

  • We are currently suspended due to COVID-19 but will be opening up soon. Stay tuned.
  • Contact us to be added to the email list.

The Food Forest provides fresh produce, habitat for bees and other pollinators and it's a great educational opportunity for the community,

They donate to food banks, and most of the garden is open to anyone who wants to come and harvest the produce. They operate on a trust basis by extending trust to strangers. The community agreement is to take only what you need and always leave some for others.

Another way to grow food in Seattle is to look at planting a garden on the strip between the front of your property and the street.

If you want to add raised beds or plant trees, Seattle wants you to apply for a free permit. There are some public safety requirements around sightlines to be followed.

Growing food is also an option, but no fruit trees because the fruit is a slipping hazard if it's not cleaned up right away.

It's a bit more difficult to get water to the planting strip, but if it's the best patch of land you have, it might be worth a try.

I invite you to contact your local community gardening initiative and get involved.

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