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Boulder, Colorado Ranked the Best Place to Live in the US

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U.S. News analyzed 150 metro areas in the United States.

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They found the best places to live based on the quality of life and the job market, as well as the value of living there and people's desire to live there.

Boulder, Colorado was ranked #1.

The rankings are based on an analysis of public data and user opinions from a public survey in August 2020.

. Information was collected from trusted sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Labor.

The information was gathered into the following five indexes and weighted using survey results.

Job Market Index 21.6%

This is a measure of how strong the job market is in the metro area. We used the Unemployment Rate and Average Salary (50%) to calculate the index.

Value Index 23.4%

This one is also called Housing Affordability Index and tells us if locals can afford to live in the area.

Quality of Life Index 25.7%

This measures how satisfied residents are with their daily lives in each area.

It's calculated using crime rates (30%), quality and availability of health Care (10%), quality of Education (25%), well-being (15%), and a commuter index (20%).

Desirability Index 16.4%

This one is based on where people want to live according to a country-wide poll.

Net Migration 13%

This index tells us how often people are moving to or away from each metro area.

Making the choice to move to another city can be a difficult one.

There are other factors to take into account.

Here are some personal ways to evaluate what is important to you personally.

Are You Living in Your Aliveness

Aliveness is a way of being that fills you with energy.

When someone is living in their aliveness, they glow.

They exude an energy that you can see in their face and body. You want to be near them; to be part of that energy.

You can find what makes you feel more alive by sitting quietly and listening to your inner self.

This takes surrender.

Stop and listen to the quiet voice inside of you that isn’t talking about chores to be done, or errands to be finished.

Listen to the whisper of the secret yearning; the dream you have always had.

That whisper is the universe sending an invitation to you, calling you.

It’s up to you to say yes, to lean into the invitation, or not.

It’s a choice that you make.

The idea that life is supposed to be difficult is not true.

The life that you have created is not because of your karma or your partner or boss, the situation is the result of the choices you are making right now.

There is always a choice.

Sure, there are ‘need tos’, ‘must dos’ and ‘should dos’ in your life. I hear you. There are the Yabuts that tell you why you can’t choose.

Yabut, it is too hard, yabut, that is just how my life is, yabut, that hasn’t been my experience.

When you are unsure, simply ask the question “show me,” and then see what comes.

Life is calling us all the time; we have to be willing to go on the adventure.

Most people live their lives focused on outcomes.

They make the form of their lives more important than the energy.

Shifting into living your aliveness starts when you begin to notice your choices and how they make your life feel.

What do you want from your aliveness?

Living in your aliveness requires an inherent desire.

Once you experience that pure truth, you want it to happen again in your life.

You can’t chase it; it has to come to you. You can’t “DO” aliveness.

Try this: For the next 24 hours, ask the universe — “show me what is important to me."

"Show me where I should live. Make the signal so distinct that I cannot deny it."

And then lean in and listen.

It might surprise you to find that Boulder, Colorado is a great possibility for you.

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