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Appreciate your community.


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In society today, we tend to focus on what we don’t have, not what we have.

There is a tendency to experience life from the position of lack.

Gratitude requires us to shift our focus outward, examining the good things in our life.

We have very little control over some of them.

Winning the birth lottery is one.

Our genes, our country of birth, our parents, and our families, are all decided before we are born.

Practicing gratitude is healthy. It’s good for our mental health.

It’s a shift toward emotional maturity.

We work so hard at being grateful. We create gratitude journals, meditative practices, and focus on meeting a daily obligation to practice.

It’s yet another goal to strive for.

Sometimes when we talk about gratitude, the concept comes with a sense of obligation, instead of a genuine feeling of appreciation.

That sense of obligation exists when you are told to “be grateful for what you have.”

If you are being reminded to be thankful for your present circumstances, it creates a duty to be grateful for what you have or where you were born. You are reminded that you are much luckier than others in the world.

Be grateful for your food.

My parents used to tell me there were starving children in the world so I should eat all of my vegetables. That generated the negative energy of resentment, which defeated the purpose entirely.

Be grateful for your local community.

Sometimes unexpected things happen and we have to pull together.

In Texas, during the worst winter storm in decades, volunteers stepped up to support each other.

People were left without heat, power, and water, many struggling to find a way to survive the cold night.

I'm grateful and appreciative of the efforts of the volunteers that came together to provide support.

  • One family in Texas reported being without power and heat for 72 hours. Their pipes burst and they had no heat.
  • They were using their cars to warm up and to charge their cell phones.
  • Most of their time is spent huddled under blankets in one bed, waiting out the storm.

Texas Relief Warriors make 800 tacos and counting for Houston seniors

Seniors that couldn't care for themselves without power and water, no way to cook, and no way to get down to the foyer of the building.

This was a welcome contribution to a seniors center that found itself without anything to eat.


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The Cambridge dictionary defines gratitude as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

This defines gratitude as being thankful FOR something. It also focuses on BEING READY to be thankful.

When we think about it in this way, the word gratitude has the energy of receiving.

The energy of receiving often comes with a sense of obligation and that’s not what I’m hoping for when I want to feel gratitude.

I was hoping to ‘BE’ thankful, not ‘BE READY’ to be thankful.

Appreciation is a different sort of feeling.

It approaches gratitude from another perspective.

The Cambridge dictionary defines appreciation as the act of recognizing or understanding that something is valuable, important.

When you recognize and enjoy something, you are no longer in a state of readiness, you are in a state of being. The word appreciation vibrates with the energy of gratitude.

I like the word appreciation better.

Instead of being ready to be thankful, which is gratitude, I like to recognize and enjoy something, which is appreciation.

Appreciation contributes to the feeling I want to have when I think of being grateful. It occurs in the present moment, instead of the future.

How to Live in the zone of appreciation.


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It’s easy to experience appreciation every day.

Shift the focus on recognizing and enjoying things in your life.

Recognize the abundance of food you have access to and enjoy it when you experience it.

Be aware of your surroundings and savor the smells and tastes.

Enjoy your friends and family as you connect with them in large and small ways.

When you write in your gratitude journal (maybe rename it), appreciate the feel of the paper, and the quality of the ink flowing from the pen.

Enjoy the gift of time to write and reflect. Be thankful for your thoughts.

Appreciate yourself in each moment.

Appreciate yourself as you walk, play music, or enjoy nature. Take yourself on a date. Choose it because you enjoy it.

Appreciation is an important part of self intimacy.

When you practice appreciation, it contributes to your understanding of the world.

It also allows you to become more aware of yourself.

When you appreciate yourself, you begin to find out what you enjoy and your body and spirit become supported in your actions.

If you appreciate yourself in tangible ways, you are literally showing yourself love and care.


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It's important to recognize the contribution of others when they have done something special to support you.

There are many situations where you might appreciate the help or support other others.

One way to express your appreciation is to write a letter.

You may have received helpful advice or suggestions that allowed you to figure out a problem.

Someone may have made a recommendation to a prospective employer for you.

You may have received an award or honor or been recognized for your contribution.

People in your life may have achieved a goal or accomplished something that you would like to acknowledge. You can tell them you appreciate the effort it took to stick to the goal and congratulate them at the same time.

A group effort might have resulted in a change or accomplishment that you would like to acknowledge.

Has someone done a job well? Have you received financial contributions or scholarships and want to express your gratitude?

If you've been invited to speak at a function, a letter of appreciation is welcome.

When someone introduces you in public, a speaker, or at a function, a letter of appreciation might be considered a gesture that will be remembered.

When someone volunteers their time, a letter of appreciation and recognition is a great way to support their efforts.

Here is an example of a short, yet effective letter of appreciation.

Dear xxx

I am very grateful for the contribution and support you have made in support of my project (xxxx). Without your help, I may never have been able to reach my goals. Your generosity and help have been an inspiration to me.

Again, thank you for your encouragement and support.


Your Signature

Your typed Name

"Guidelines for writing appreciation letters:
State what you appreciate and briefly explain why. Do not add other news or information not related to the appreciative gesture. The message of appreciation should stand alone. Be brief, warm, and sincere. Postcards may be used for short notes. Personal notes should be handwritten. Business letters should be typed on letterhead stationery or memo paper."


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